Friday, April 06, 2007

Georgia... oooohhhh Georgia!!

Cara and I were lucky enough to take a short vacation this past week - we headed off to Atlanta, Georgia, to meet her parents. There we would spend a few short days playing golf, touring the state, and walking the Augusta holes!!

Here are some pics

This is Stone Mountain outside of Athens - Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis are carved into the side of this mountain of a rock. The image took decades to finish.

Cara and her mother Cherie stroll up the mountain.

It might be shocking now, since it is only 28 degrees out, but it was a mighty hot day there on that rock! Here we are at the top - you could see for miles (though it was a little overcast).

This painted dog was one of many on the University of Georgia campus - I am standing with Bob, Cara's dad. And no - I did not mount the dog... though it had been discussed.

The Masters - Augusta... We woke up early Tuesday morning (about 4 am in Iowa) and found our way down to the course. It - is - astounding!!

This is the clubhouse - look at that Georgia white!!!

What's wrong with my red hat!??! Kiss my @ss!!

Vijay tees off!

Sergio eyes it up.

Cara ogles Mike Weir.

Tiger is chillin.

The day was gorgeous and not too hot (the sun finally calmed around 2 - my burning flesh could relax)!

We wrapped up the day taking some pics by the clubhouse - I am sure Cherie could tell you what tree that is... but I have no idea!

Now it's time to settle in and watch some golf - I have the Masters recording at home... can't wait til the weekend when we can watch it in HD!!!



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


Looks like you had a grand time Jed.

Have never seen the soon to be in-laws before. Look nice nice folks.

Glad you are back home to the warm Iowa spring.


Damfino said...

Office in HD last night... looked awesome!! Sopranos sunday!!!

krysta jo said...

Krysta Jo = jealous of trip.

Office rocked last night. If only Dwight worked in my office and could use his pepper spray to keep the evils away...