Monday, April 09, 2007

"Under the Boardwalk..."

I don't think I have ever enjoyed watching a game of Monopoly being played on screen... holy God did they nail the Free Parking conversation... and Janice's story about the goo-ma being shot through her bee hive!!! That killed me!!!

The Sopranos returned last night and we had our first viewing in our home... with our TV...


The episode was brilliant! We finally got to see the newspaper hit the driveway - Tim Van Patten did an astounding job of directing (some of the lake scenes were amongst the most beautiful of the series) - and the episode just killed me with hysterics!

Bobby's final two scenes were strong and emotional - they really nailed a moment for his character (especially with his daughter running into his arms - hair ablaze like the kid he just murdered). Then "Magic Moment" comes on... and I realize my favorite television show is back... easing out a final few magical moments.

Entourage also came back last night - quality was still strong (more than a few great laughs from Johnny-Drama and Turtle) and I was happy to see Carla Gugino joining the cast. I loved her from the Spy Kids movies (and her few scenes in Sin City!) and I hope she sticks around for a while.

After the show I downloaded some Entourage tunes - enjoyed those on the way in today!!

The weekend was great - Easter - the Masters (way to go Zach!!!!) - GRINDHOUSE (pretty damn good until the last half of Tarantino's... it is his first failure) - and the return of Super Soprano Sundays... got me a weeks worth of cavatelli to eat!


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