Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Names and Faces

"Matty J" has joined the ever dying cast of sad bloggers on our little site here. Matt, being our resident chaotician and practicing revolutionist, will slowly be adding comments and dipping his well maligned toe into our collective filth laiden pool.

Above is the image I propose he use for his "picture" - that thing that shows up when you post.

Below is the image I hold true that Nutflopper should be using...

But no one really listens to me.



krysta jo said...

I listen. And read. And then decline to comment because I don't have much worthwhile to say.

My dress is in. I'm coming to Iowa this weekend to get it and cannot wait. The countdown is on - the wedding's in a mere 5 months. OH and we are settled in our home. That's all the news that's fit to print from here.

I'd like to blog about my total lack of respect and distaste for the news media during this tragic and horrifying week; however, it makes me sick to my stomach and the stench of vomit makes my office less than inviting. So I'll just leave it at that.

Damfino said...

The dress is in? WOW - things are moving along... 5 months and you will be Mrs... mrs...

What is Dan's last name?

The news media has vomited up some awful stuff as of late - but the way they have spun what occured at VT is sickening.

I do not want to live my life with armed guards at every door I walk in. I do not want to be frisked when I walk into a dairy queen.

Either we get rid of the guns or we accept that we are going to have problems like this occur.

F**k the media for making this look like a failure of VT to react!

krysta jo said...

THANK YOU JED. That is exactly my point. We started watching the Dateline special the other night and I got so sick I had to leave the room. No one anywhere is prepared for this. No one can anticipate that something like VT might happen. No one can react in a manner to ensure that the world is safe for everyone. It was a horrific, horrible tragedy. Instead of pointing fingers and trying to dig up dirt on the suspect, victims, university, English professors, counselors, etc., the news media should focus on the healing that has yet to begin. They should be sympathetic, non-biased, pleasant, and most of all, truthful.

And...don't get me started on the latest gun control debate. Who forgot to mention that he got the guns illegally? Gun control wouldn't have stopped this. "Early warning" to the students wouldn't have stopped this. Stopping the guy from writing dark, horrific creative stories wouldn't have stopped this. name will soon be Mrs. Krysta Jo Larson. However, I still preferred to be called Princess K, Special K or Master K. Take your pick.

Kern said...

Can I just say that Special K seems like a really righteous nickname? I love it!

Don't have much to add about VT, but I did have quick question to pose to the panel. Things like this happen, and fictional shows like Bones that have episodes pulled because of tangentially related content out of sensitivity to the tragedy, how much of it is true sympathy and reverence and how much of it is the network trying to boast about its caring compassion? Just curious as to others' thoughts.

Kern said...

Oh, and congrats on the settling into the new digs, KJ!

Matty J said...

I guess I have two things to add to our little talk. I watched an hour or so of wretched slime the other night, in other words, the TV coverage of VT and though I don't want to sound uncaring and unsympathetic... I will anyway.
The foul filth that call themselves "journalists" are the lowest form of vermin. True jackels that would eat their own young and do. I've seen this, I worked with the sick degenerates. I hate them all.
Gun control, why not some Media control? Don Imus was wrongly fired. For every Don Imus, there are twenty filth mongers who should be strung up from their teleprompters and never allowed to touch a mic again for what they say and do every day, but I diverge from my lack of compasion.
I am so sick of the false caring that VT and other mass murders spawn. We lower the flags, why? We say prayers, why? Did we know these people, no. Do we really care, no. But hey, it's a great story! The best thing we can do is leave them alone and let them grieve in peace.

Matty J said...

oh, and Kern...
You are so right on.
I wish I had recorded all the foe-caring we would see practiced before a live shot during the four and half years of horror, I mean producing.
It was a little game we would do. Dial in the live shot and watch the reporters reherse their stand-ups.
Some of the worst were post Columbine.
I'm so happy I don't do that job anymore.