Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Sopranos - "Stage 5"

I can't stop thinking about Sunday's episode of Sopranos... the show is just amazing. In fact, as Cara and I go through Season 4 & 5 I am beginning to understand just how mind blowing the series is in it's scope and execution.

Of course I mean in relation to it's characters... not it's plot.

"Stage 5" focused on Christopher's film CLEAVER finally being finished and screened for Tony and the crew. This storyline created quite the reflection of audience desires for the series itself - visually giving us the blood and carnage that some viewers want out of the show.

Matt Zoller Seitz, a New York Film Critic, writes a weekly review for his blog The House Next Door - check it out - he does an amazing job looking at each episode and has a vast knowledge of seasons past. Oh - but it ain't spoiler free!!

To be respectful of some readers who do not have HBO (cough * SHERIFF * cough) I am keeping this post spoiler free... but to entice... a major character died this episode!

Is it Silvio in the picture above? Perhaps the person is being killed and the blood is spraying on Sil... perhaps this is Sil's cameo from CLEAVER... or maybe it is a dream.


Get HBO already!

I am loving every moment of the Final Season but I am also dreading the end. I am not worried about how it will end... just sad that this fantastic series will be disappearing. That will be the true crime.



Kern said...

Despite some of my flagging interest since Season 3, I must say that so far this new volley of eps are spot on, and remind me of everything I love about the show. In fact, I felt that this episode was even better than the last, just in the sense that I always enjoy seeing the juggling act of so many plot threads executed with such aplomb, as opposed to the more narrow scope of last week, which was still good. If this keeps up, I'll be crying into my chianti along with Jed when the final credits roll.

Matty J said...

I agree. Man, good episode, but I think it IS time for it to end. I'm not happy it is, but it needs to. However, I AM very scared for the end. I really don't think it's going to be happy in ANY way. I just don't think Tony (who is not a great guy, but I want him to be happy with his ducks) is going to make it out of this. I know Jed does not agree with me on this, but I'm scared and sad. Boo, hoo.

Damfino said...

First off - after watching all of the seasons again - I do think this show could go on and on. These characters and all of their horrible choices are fascinating to watch (for instance, last night we watched the 1st ep of season 5 where Tony tries to get Dr. Melfi to go out with him... the first time I viewed it I was bored out of my mind... but this time I was really taken with Tony's blindness and inability to handle rejection).

It is making me a little sick saying after each ep - 7 more! 6 more!


Also - Matty J - you need a picture. I found one for you...

I will post it tomorrow.