Tuesday, April 24, 2007

He's the man!

I have always had an admiration for Roger Ebert - sure, I have disagreed with his reviews - struggled with his star scale... but I always loved reading his work and hearing what he had to say on several subjects.

Last year Ebert's doctors found cancer in his jaw and had to do some major work - surgeries... bleeding... more surgeries.... the man has been through quite a bit.

This coming weekend is his Overlooked Film Festival and he has been told not to attend for health reasons... and celebrity reasons. What I mean by that is Ebert does not have the look of a celebrity right now (he is sick) and his people recommended he wait until he looks like his old self again.

Ebert heard that advice and posted this on his site!

The man has spunk!!! I can't wait until he is well and posting again.

Atta boy Roger!!

Sopranos rocked on Sunday - this stuff is blowing my mind!!! Amazing Race was really good... yadda yadda.

I am really busy at work so the posts are not coming too often - I will try a little later this week.



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Some one on this blog needs to be doing some work.

I am pleased to announce it is not me.


Damfino said...

Kreitner you SOB! This is the first post in 6 days!

And I did it as I was leaving!

Remind me to give you a netheral slap on each cheek...

Buttercup said...

Anyone see gilmore last night???

I know most of you have dropped off the planet with watching but last night was doosie. Rory finally didn't get what she want...Glorious

Damfino said...

Yeah - I was gonna post on that... I have been dead inside about Gilmore lately... but seeing Lorelai smile with Luke helping her out... dunno - something inside me smiled too.

I was thrilled to see Rory get hosed... she is way spoiled!

Buttercup said...

Thank goodness that someone can share that with me I was feeling very lonely. Yeah the luke and lorelai thing was very cute. thank goodness things with them are getting back to normal after the whole Christopher debacle.
Ah Rory getting hosed about time. She has been a spoiled premidonna for far too long. Nice to see the tables turn on her and Paris. Paris Finally getting what she wants and rory not. ha