Friday, December 08, 2006

Tonight... we dine... in HELL!!

The teaser trailer for 300 was pretty damn good - now we have the full trailer... and it continues to look amazing.

Windows format - Quicktime... I expect everyone to watch it and tell me how brilliant it looks.




Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Must See NOW!!!!!

un-fing believeable.


ps: how was that?

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

I smell man land 2 party....


man land party to follow...

all the usual suspects



Damfino said...

I concur on all counts. We will have Jerry prepare a special DVD for our night of debacurious goodness.

Everyone is invited... except Kern - anyone who mentions Bob Mackie in manland will be pumelled.


Kern said...

First things first, while my initial reaction wasn't as strong the first time I saw the teaser, repeated viewings as well as the full trailer have piqued my interest greatly.

Secondly, please forgive my ignorance, as I've been away a long time, but what is a "Man Land" party?

Deit Heimley said...

Yes, I would like to point out that I have now seen both, and this is about as close to gay erotica as I thought I would ever see on a movie screen.
Nearly naked, dirty, sweaty, well-built, well ... um ... packaged men all running around yelling!

Reminds me of a really great Saturday night at about any gay bar I know.

I know that spoils it for a lot of you, but just know that the DVD of this film will be owned by about every gay man out there.

Kern said...

Wait, did I mention Bob Mackie? If I did I'm quite sure it was part of an acerbic quip and not a serious attempt at making conversation.

I can do "guy stuff"! I know I appear all high tea and art galleries and all, but I'm not always immersed in intellectual pursuits, I swear.

See watch this:

Boobs! Beer! Pizza! Motor oil! Poontang! Gentlemen's Club! I'm thinking about buying a Golden Tee machine for my crib.

Fuck yeah!

Deit Heimley said...

Sure ... you can talk a good game, but let's review your actions...

I don't think there is anything particularly manly about beer and pizza, and when was the last time you actually used motor oil (for its intended use) -- or boobs and poontang for that matter!!!

Face it .. you are nearly me. But with a higher voice.

Kern said...

Deit-As far as the boobs and poontang go, the point is not whether I actually got any use of them. There are plenty of manly men who don't either because they aren't into girls or they're just me. The point was moreso the use of such crude language to describe these facets of a woman's anatomy.

As far as beer and pizza go, it's not inherently manly, but from the perspective of cultural stereotypes that people hold about males(well, American males to be sure) that we like seem to like beer and pizza.

Motor oil seems like a manly item as it relates to cars, which again, are not inherently manly, but are perceived as such because of stereotypes based around antiquated gender roles. While I may not use motor oil, I do see it advertised when I watch racing.

Ah, racing! That's manly!

And Golden Tee? Come on, guys are always all over that at bars from what I hear. I haven't been in many bars lately that have one, but I have it on good authority that it's the case.

All I can say in my defense is that I strive to be a well rounded person, and in addition to the whole nebbish intellectual persona people seem to have picked up on, I'm sure I can do the manly thing as well. Have I ever given any reason to believe that I couldn't?

Kern said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention I went to a strip club when I came back to DM last time. I know I said Gentlemen's Club, but that was more for the sake of word association, without me actually implying that I had been there.

But I did. And had a girl on my lap! And I felt her "tits"!

Deit Heimley said...

Ker, you have a manly chest. Of that there is no dispute. In fact the more manly answer would be to point to the picture of Kern and his oh so manly chest of wild flora, and declare in as deep and manly a voice as you could muster that you are man!

But no ... like a girl (or a gay man) you have to talk about it. Manly men don't talk about their manliness -- that's what makes them manly!

No Kern, you have merely made Jed's point. That last thing he wants to hear while watching a movie with nearly naked men is to hear Kern commenting on the set design and mentioning the size of a certain person's endowment.

Kern said...

Well, yeah, I thought about that. I just felt I needed to clear things up a little. I don't go around talking about how manly I am on a regular basis. I just unbutton my third button and let the follicle forest do the talking for me.

And for the record I never have talked about anyone's package. I'm taking the fifth on set design. Not that there would be anything wrong with commenting on the set design. Because it's fascinating. The costuming might be a bit iffier, however.

By the way the book of 300 is pretty awesome, and everyone should check it out if they get the chance.

I don't remember if there's any naked chicks in it though. I'm really hoping for some hot, naked chicks. Being naked. And hot.

Damfino said...

Kern... you are a confused lad. Maybe it's time you dipped your toe in the other end of the pool.

BTW - you guys kill me - you talk in such great length, and with such dictoral fervor about the most inane and tepid topics.

Fervor - Inane - Tepid.

Hmmm - I fail at talking with you two.


P.S. There is one nipple in the trailer that does not belong to a man - I saw it on the first viewing... not sure how they got away with that.

I think that might make me a man... sorry Kern.

Kern said...

I don't really like swimming. But I do, however, enjoy female nipples.

Inane was a perfectly good word for the situation, Fino. Well played.

To be honest, of the many things that tear at me on a daily basis, my place in the pantheon of manliness is pretty far back on the list. Truthfully, I enjoy have a laugh at my own expense, and my intellectual fervor lends itself to be well used for cannon fodder.

I have discovered that the overanalytical and verbose way of arguing are my attempt at absurd humor. I'm not sure yet if it's working or not.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

No mention of Berkin Bags will be allowed in Jed's "man land" either.

Damfino said...

All I heard was "nipple."

Kern said...

I thought the Birkin was totes forgotten about by now.

Yes, I said nipple. But more to the point I said "female nipples".

Did I mention I had a subscription to Playboy when I was eleven?

Damfino said...

Not sure that was funny... pretty sure it wasn't... heading home to drink away brain cells.


Kern said...

Did that reference have to do anything with the football team in Cleveland?

I will have fun boozing it up. Drinking 12 year old scotch straight from the bottle and what not.

Enjoy your liquor fueled spiral into good times as well, my friend.