Friday, December 08, 2006

ATTENTION!!! This had to be posted!!!

This is from the Sly Stallone Q&A ove at AICN.

9. Sly:

No bigger fan here, and I am curious. What was your max on the bench press, squat, etc.? Back in the late 1980s-early-1990s you appeared to look the biggest/most massive.


I used to be able to bench press around 385-400 lbs. and then I severely tore my right pectoral so under my arm I have 160 stitches and I had to have a window cut into my shoulder bone, and cable laced through the damage, and muscle pulled back to the bone where it was attached. That’s why I’m so vascular on one side. It might be interesting to note that I received this injury, I was stupid enough to get into a bench press contest with former Mr. Universe, Franco Columbo, who was considered one of the strongest men in the world. The accident happened in his garage, which was inhabited, believe it or not, by this demented-looking one-winged spotted owl. I couldn’t make this up. When my muscle exploded, I fell onto the floor. Franco pulled the weights off of me and all I could see was my arm turning black and that friggin goofy, one-winged, mouse-munching motherf*cker flapping around in tight circles. By the way, my best squat was 550 lbs

HOLY CRAP!!! Sly ripped the sh*t out of his pecs... Guys who get that buff are crazy!!

Devin - take note.