Friday, December 01, 2006

"Knit or go home!"

I finally got to view Tuesday's Gilmore Girls last night - it was gold!! The opening had the Gilmore's playing Lor's message that she and Christopher had gotten married. I was dying!!

The man-date with Jackson was great stuff too - Lor going through Chris' outfit explaining why he couldn't wear it... oof!

Then we jumped into the Knitathon storyline... if you don't know, Cara knits... and she was knitting while we watched it... this... killed... me!!!! Lorelai's shirt!!! The whole setup... just hilarious!

I hope you all are watching - the show is definitely doing well with the situation it has been left in. Luke finally got to do some yelling at April's mother (who does not get pissed when an ex brings you a daughter that you never knew you had.. and she is in middle school!?!?) - and next week's fight looks like fun!

Love the girls....

Scrubs was pretty good - the guys decked out like patients was extremely lame... but tons of good lines!

"Welcome home, Perry, here's the new program. You occasionally lift a finger with Jack, and I'm going to try to keep from hating the unborn baby in my belly that has made my ass so big that I can't fit the whole thing on a toilet when I pee 800 times a day."
"I'm carrying Underwood right now."
"Have there been other penises?"
"Your sarcasm is wasted on me, you giant pregnant beast."
"I have seen Les Mis over a dozen times, so I have nothing against queens, per se. In fact my life would be a whole lot easier if I was married to one of you guys."
"This song always gets me. My brother was killed by a Funky Cold Medina."



Kern said...

Man, I have to say that I'm really down with GG right now Loving it.

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at what Mr. Rosenthal has been able to accomplish after the shambles of last season(in my opinion).

My only reservation is the Aerie Tuesdays garbage. Never did I want to see someone walk into the sorority circle and punch that girl in the face who was mindlessly pontificating about the underlying double entendre of "Mandate", while the other girls nodded and told her how deep she was.

Ain't Right said...

No comment on Gilmore Girls. Didn't watch it, played World of Warcraft instead. But I did watch Scrubs. I enjoyed it. It definitely doesn't make the top ten episodes list but the show never disappoints. I also couldn't get into the whole old characters plot line. The Janitor was the best one but that is like saying "it was the best root canal I have ever received". Also viewed last night was this weeks episode of Veronica Mars (Tuesday night was pushed back to Thursday this week due to scheduling conflicts) which I really enjoyed. Logan has become so much better of a character than Duncan tool-boy ever could have hoped for.

Damfino said...

HEAR HEAR!!! Or here here... not sure which it is.

I concur - Logan manned up and dumped V - which needed to occur... and then he got his bad self jailed to bust on Mercer and lame RA. That ruled!!!

VM was pretty good - season is still a little off.

Scrubs never disappoints... but sometimes it misfires a tad. Old JD-Cox-Janitor was that!

GG is pretty good stuff - no where near the freshness of seasons 1-4... but come on - 7 years man!!!

Kern said...

Fino-Hell yeah. I kind of think the Palladinos, awesome as they are, were getting a touch burnt out on writing the show and kind of lost their way. As much as I love them, they are human and they kind of made some weird calls last season. I echo yr sentiments, my friend. For a show seven years in, I think it's gotten a pretty decent kick in the pants. I loved seeing Luke finally sack up and give April's mom whatfor. It always seemed so odd to me that despite the fact he is her bioglogical father, and Anna was the one who kept the kid secret, that she would be so cold about Luke having any say in what happens with April.

The fight looks to be nice rough and tumble dustup. I hope Luke kicks some ass. I want to see that fucker brawl!

Still loving Rory's delightful bangs!

Ain't Right said...

But of course the best part of Scrubs.

"Well they didn't really invade the village so much as an accidental aerial assault"

Damfino said...

Poor condom-less JD... that must have been quite the drive for his boys....

quite the drive!