Friday, December 01, 2006

Guy Love

Good ol' Zach Braff has posted a clip from the upcoming musical episode of Scrubs. YEEEEHHAAAAA!

Greg - don't you realize you are my chocolate bear - but more of a vanilla dream than chocolate. Watch the video and embrace our Guy Love!




Kern said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

single tear......


Kern said...

So if there's chocolate bears and vanilla dreams, would that make a three way some hot neapolitan love?

Just askin'...

Damfino said...

Who deleted a comment?!?!

Kern said...

Um, it wasn't Kern. He didn't happen to randomly write something in a half drunken scotch induced stupor when he thought Kendra wasn't going to call him back, as well as making lewd allusions about ice cream orgies and stuff.

Yep. Just wanted to clear that crazy rumor up...

Damfino said...

So the chick called back and you deleted the post about being a sad sack not having a chick and wanting a vanilla dream/chocolatey sandwich with Sheriff and I - now I remember.

Kern - you spineless slag. Stand by your gay days.

Kern said...

It almost sounds like someone wants to give a certain spineless slag a spanking.

For what's its worth the date was rather meh anyhow. I find that going to look at art with a complete stranger is probably not good first date material since I have a tendency to get a bit contemplative when looking at art. Fino remembers this well during my viewing of Miller's Crossing when I had a girl who was allegedly trying to use all manner on nonverbal cues to get me to initiate some kind of physical contact.

In this particular instance, I was unaware of such attempts, and likely bored the subject into running home to do school work.

I'd like to preemptively point out that she's a grad student before anyone makes any pervy jokes about me dating schoolgirls. Even at 24 I think she seemed a bit young for me. Though she did come from yoga right before our date.


Damfino said...

Kern - the date is about the girl... not the art.

You dolt!

Another night cuddling Sveingia - your pillow girl.

Kern said...

Well, to be fair, I did try to talk, but it is kind of difficult to carry on a normal conversation in a quiet ass gallery. Secondly, she really wanted to go look at art, and thirdly, I was going to try to ask her to have coffee with me afterwards to talk about the exhibits and just get to know her better, but the minute we walked outside she piped up with how she had to get home and do more reading for her paper which was due on Thursday. I can't remember if she specifically used the words, "I had fun" or not, but she did thank me for coming out. To the gallery, I mean. So I don't know. I can't tell if I should try to call her again or not. I kind of feel like I wasn't able to give a very good account of myself, which is really my only reason for being disappointed. Usually the girls have enough time to hear who I really am before they decide they don't like it and try to find new ways of politely dismissing me.

I don't have a pillow buddy, but I should get one. My current bedmate is Balvenie. She's a nice 12 year old scotch. She's warm and sweet, and a little hot going down.

Jesus, I should just hire a hooker.

Damfino said...

Ask her out again - if she says no - then you know.

Don't give up the hunt for the c... um... rhyming is not good for me.

Kern said...

Yeah, you're probably right, though I am guessing that I should likely wait to call after she's done with her paper.


Deit Heimley said...

Why are straight guys so stupid??? Jeez!

Were I to meet a guy at a gallery (which by the way is a favorite of mine too. You can tell taste and intelligence at an instant.), in about ten minutes we would know if we were ever going to shag. Either way we would enjoy the show and have coffee afterwards. You should never spend more than an hour looking at art on a date without escaping somewhere to talk about what you saw and each other.
But from what you said there are three things that happened:
1. She didn't realize it was a date date. Girls are sometimes fuzzy on that. They have stages and everything with different rules for every possible kind of date. She just maybe had mixed signals.
2. She was not interested in you at all.
3. She stayed too late at the gallery and she actually did have to get back and do work.

Either way, you should call her again. Tell her she owes you coffee from the other night. If she blows you off, she is just not interested and you are better off knowing. If she goes out with you again, use the art as a crutch to begin talking to her. At the worst, you could end up friends.

This is the one thing men always forget, having lots of female friends who won't have sex with you is good. Women cannot help but match-make. If you make good friends with women who would never have sex with you, you will suddenly go on more dates than you have in the last ten years! Either that, or as you two grow closer something could happen. So I say pursue her still. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Damfino said...

All good Deit except for your opening... "SHAG?!?!" When did go Austin Powers on us?

Oh and you should be pummeled for the taste and intelligence line. Both you and Kern have your own intellects way too far up your own arses!

Ask her out again Kern - take her to a more social climate - talk and see what comes of it.

Or head to the library - either works for me.

Kern said...

Gasp! My intellect is too far up my arse?

I just thought I wasn't eating enough bran.

That's good advice, though. Thanks everyone. I have a feeling I'm going to end up back in the library, but that's ok. I've got a lot of work to do for Tiny Mixtapes anyway. Our big year end extravaganza is only a couple of weeks away.

Fino-Speaking of my intellect and my butt, I have not forgotten about Altman. That had nothing to do with my intellect or my butt, I just wanted to mention that.

Kern said...

Deit-Did I mention she came to the date wearing sweatpants and such? I know she was just at yoga before that, but this may lend some creedence to theory one in which she didn't feel that it was a date date.

Deit Heimley said...

Hmmmm... I like the idea of Kern and this woman going out on several dates and neither one of them realizes it! I vote that she didn't think she was on a date with you. In which case she can't reject you because she has not actually gone out with you!!

No Austin Powers, I just couldn't think of another clean word with the same meaning. And I used that word long before 1997.

And Jed, if she looks at some Impressionist masterpiece and cocks her head and says "I don't get it!" Then no matter what lies beneath, it just isn't worth it. It has nothing to do with the location of my head, but of basic compatibility. To admire art one must be critical. The point is not in what she may say, but in how that arguement is formed. If it's just a romp in bed, then who cares, but if Kern is looking for an actual relationship nothing is more revealing than how one argues. I mean Kern and her could be at complete loggerheads, but if they enjoy the discussion, then the war is won. Ask nearly every woman what she really wants and she will answer that she wants someone she can talk to. So do something on the first couple of dates that requires conversation. For me that is often admiring art. Because in criticizing the art, you have something to say even if you are the type to have little to say on a date.

So call her again and say she owes you a coffee, and you'd like to talk about the show.

Kern said...

I like the idea Deit. Thanks!

That would be kind of funny if neither of us actually thought it was a date, come to think of it. It would be rather Kern-esque, wouldn't it?

Ah well, either way it's been a funny and enlightening discussion.

I miss you guys.