Thursday, December 14, 2006

Golden Globe noms I can dig!

I have gone on and on about how much I loved Scorsese's new flick THE DEPARTED - and I have also gone on and on about Leo's performance in the film. Well - today the Golden Globe nominations have come out and it's quite a celebration for both Leo and the film!

Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for Best Actor in not only THE DEPARTED but also BLOOD DIAMOND! I saw BD this weekend - it was ok, a decent film with major flaws. Leo's performance was amazing though - powerful, exciting to watch and full of surprises (the scene where he skins a baboon was shocking and perfect!).

To be nominated for both films and to be in contention with his own work for Best Actor is quite the accomplishment.

THE DEPARTED also earned nominations for Best Direction (Scorsese), Best Film, and two Best Supporting Actor roles. Here is another shock - Nicholson got a nod but Damon was left swinging out in the breeze...

it was Mark Wahlberg who got a nomination for his role as the bitter Boston Special Ops leader! I didn't see that coming!

For once I feel totally happy with the nominations (granted, this is the Golden Globes... not the Oscars... the Globes are definitely not nearly as respected).

Golden Globe Nominations

I know none of you b@stards actually got out to see THE DEPARTED... maybe this will get you off of your butts!



Damfino said...

I guess the lack of love for UNITED 93 is annoying as well.

Eastwood getting double nods on direction... did not see that coming.

Ain't Right said...

Clearly, I must not rate high enough to be one of "you b@stards" since I have seen THE DEPARTED. And I know for a fact that at least on other blog member has seen it.

Damfino said...

I would include Kreitner and Kern as the most likely culprits to receive my b@stard hate ray.

Did you dig it Dev?

Ain't Right said...

Yep, I liked it.

Damfino said...

I am assuming Wendy-lady was the other... probably dug it too.

But back to hating Kern and Kreitner... SABOTEURS!!!

Kern said...

I saw the Departed, and loved it. In fact, I think I posted in your original thread on it, perhaps or sometime shortly thereafter.

In fact, of the very few movies I actually went to the theatre to see this year, I made sure that The Departed was one of them.

Don't make me pull out the Garden Claw-For His Pleasure...

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Guilty as charged....I think I saw "Happy Feet" instead.

a little gem for all the "Listen..." readers in the house!


Damfino said...

Kern - you are killing me with the Garden - Claw bit - killed me yesterday with it.

Sheriff - shame on you. Did you really see HAPPY FEET or is that just for the Listen ref?

I hope Departed cleans up the oscars - although - I want to see Alfonso Curons CHILDREN OF MEN.

I heard it is amazing and it looks really good!!!

Damfino said...

BTW - Listen listen needs some love Kern - screw the Altman article... I need a crotchedy b@stard!!

Kern said...

Yeah, there will likely be one coming up, at least a year in review. If you remember, the Crotchety Bastard didn't really start hitting its stride until January of this year, even though the blog had begun in July of 2005.

Yeah, poor Listen,'s fallen victim to my dedication to Tiny Mix Tapes, which is looking interesting these days by the way. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for my James Brown Funky Christmas review. It's got a quote from my dad in it!

I think I am going to keep the Garden Claw-For His Pleasure as one of our famous go to jokes, much like the classics, "So true, so true" and "Roaster".

Damfino said...

I loved at Kern Returns '06 where everyone kept asking me about "roasters" and what the hell it meant... it made me feel so in with the crowd of coolness.

Then again when I explained it people simply said "That is just stupid" and I would slowly turn and walk away - embarassed and remorseful.


Kern said...

Pssh...Roasters? Stupid? Bah.

These people just need to spend more time on the blog, that's all.

In the meantime, I think we can all safely agree that it's simply because we have such an amazing grasp of humor.

Damfino said...

I think it is safe to say we all have an amazing grasp on... well...

ya know.

We're all wankers.

Kern said...

Yes, but we're charming and humorous wankers.