Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fall Fox Line up

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Our Sunday evenings will be a little different this fall. American Dad will be at 7:30pm after the Simpsons and Family Guy will show at 8pm.

On the new CW network (UPN & WB) Tuesday nights it will be Gilmore at 7pm and Veronica Mars at 8pm.

All the Veronica fans can struggle through Gilmore one more year to watch their planitary passion play.


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Kern said...

The schedules for next year look pretty weak. I don't know if you saw my lament about the upfronts, but most of the new pilots look kind of lame, and I'm not holding out a lot of hope for old favorites.

I must say I am pleased that Bones got renewed, but displeased that it will be moving to Fridays once American Karaoke comes back on in January.

Hopefully Gilmore Girls can recover from that farewell middle finger the Palladinos threw at us in the closing scenes of last season.