Tuesday, May 30, 2006

C'mon C'mon!!

Gilmore may have flittered away - Veronica might have Beavered the hell out of us - and Scrubs might have disappeared to live to inspire another day... but none of this means that the TV will sit unused for months!

FX is premiering the 3rd season of Rescue Me tonight! I have not seen any of the ads - nor can I really remember where we left off last season (something about a dead kid and a hit being done) - but I am jazzed none the less.

Rescue Me is a tough show to support; often the series can be brilliant and then spin and produce some of the most trite laiden garbage that can be seen!

Yet - there is no denying that the show is fun - and funny!

I'll be watching... at least, when I find time to sit and watch anything. Who knew summer could be so busy?

Cara and I did a road trip to Minneapolis this weekend (she dropped some major cash at IKEA - I bought "drunkard" wine glasses) - had a wonderous time. Hope everyone had a very nice Memorial day!



Kern said...

Hey Fino. I've seen pieces off and on of Rescue Me, and while I generally enjoyed what I saw, I've become a complete convert to the show for some reason, and I'm not completely sure why that is.

As an interesting aside, Denis Leary is apparently very amped about the band The Twilight Singers and their new album. For those of you who may not know, the band is fronted by ex-Afghan Whigs singer Greg Dulli, who I haven't heard much of in a long time.

I'm not sure whether or not Leary's endorsement carries any weight for anyone or not, but it seemed a fun factoid nonetheless.

Damfino said...

I read that in... Rolling Stone? Not sure, but I knew that.

He was commenting about the new Rescue Me soundtrack.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

It is ALIVE!!!!!!!

welcome back jed.

"The Dreamers" is arriving at the Kreitner Estate today. Naughty Kitty!

Rescue ME season 2 is on the Q, starting to watch AD season 2 this week as well.

Saw X-Men 3.....plot, we don't need no stinking plot.


Kern said...

I heard that one of the worst things about X3 is that they had two pretty decent potential storylines, but by trying to run both of them simultaneously, they cannabalized both of them to some degree.

Though to be honest, I haven't seen any of the X-Men films up to this point. Numero tres doesn't give me a lot of incentive, it sounds like.

PS-Sheriff, you're still the only entrant in the contest, so at the moment you've got a great shot of winning.

Kern said...

Just reread my first statement. Should have read, "I have yet to become a complete convert."


Yeah, I read about this on Stereogum, and I think they had some streaming media from the soundtrack and one of the Twilight Singers tracks. I got the impression that one of the songs had been written or co-written by Ani DiFranco of all people. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, my friends.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


Let's be honest....I am in the zone right now with the recent tear quotes victory and my two solid Kern Returns emails of the last 2 weeks. I, like Darth Vader, have crushed the will of the Rebelion and have brought peace to the Galatic Empire. None shall challenge me!


ps: and i am humble too.....hehehe...see you soon the Kreitner Family looks forward to the event...Greg (sheriff) Andrea (Buttercup) Lilly (Yorkie) Tulip (Yorkie)

FlopTheNuts said...

Holy Mary, Mother of ... !! Activity on DAMFINOBLOG!!!

I was going to make a cynical post sometime today about the lack of activity on this here blog in an effort to try to get things going again. But, I opted to control Damfino's mind instead. That's the first and last time I go anywhere near Jed's mind - I just got back from electroshock therapy!!

Rescue Me season 1 is in my 'ole Netflix queue, but I think it's after The Flash (the complete series). Trish saw most of season 1 of Rescue Me, don't know if she saw any of season 2, and we're going to DVR season 3 for her. She likes what she's seen of Rescue Me so far.

From what little I've read about X-3, the one thing that currently stands out in my mind is that it's been said (I'm paraphrasing here) that Ratner tried to cram too much into the 104 minutes. Well, duh! How many existing characters are they developing and how many new characters are they bringing in? And in this installment alone? All I have to say to that is Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Jean Grey, Professor X, mmmmmmm. Oh, come on, Patrick Stewart is *damn* sexy!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


Kern reutrns party at Jed's on June 23, 2006. Be there or be square.

What happened to the Memorial Day poker tourney in MI?


FlopTheNuts said...

Oh, yeah, I'm there for Kern Returns '06!!! I may be flying in, and alone! Nothing personal, Trish is just a little tired of traveling, and wants to get things done at home (mostly work on her garden, which is coming along nicely). I don't want to drive alone, mostly 'cuz it's 7 hours at best. So I'm going to check airfare. But, I WILL be there, even if I do have to drive alone!

The "McCabe Memorial Day Texas Hold 'Em Tournament" was nixed long ago. Again, nothing personal, Trish wanted to spend time together as a family. Good call on her part (God, I love her), 'cuz the previous weekends of travel and such did wipe us out, and it was nice to just hang out at home and get a few things done around the house.

We'll have to try to make up for missing poker Memorial Day weekend at Kern Returns '06.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Rock on brother....


ps: your urine will burn when the Kern returns!

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