Wednesday, May 31, 2006

1200 minutes of tape later...

After four months of planning - and two weeks of shooting - I have wrapped on the largest project that has ever come my way. I got to play director for 10 solid days - and I have never done anything so exhilarating and frustrating!

We hired 24 actors and had a crew of 15 working everyday. The show itself was about families and dealing with conflicts that come up - the scenes we shot usually had actors scolding a child or handling a situation.

It was fun stuff.

Blocking scenes - working one on one with actors - designing shots... this project was the reason I took up an interest in production oh so many years ago. Things went pretty well. I only had a few major melt downs... and the images we got were quite impressive.

Now we edit - do some animation... sit back and sip some G&T's.



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Congrats Jed, but I heard through the grape vine that it ain't no "Ishtar".

Is the dude in the yellow shirt you camera man? Looks like he would fit the bill so too speak.

Great edit Mr. Jackson the film is due in 10 days!


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Love the Obi Wan, Anikin symbolism in the first 2 picks.

"Be mindful of your framing my young padwan learner, you want to get both strippers and the donkey in the shot"


FlopTheNuts said...


Sounds sweet, Jed!! Will we DAMFINOBLOG faithful get a sneak peak at the edited, yet unreleased vid?

Any "Fight Club" editing in store? *Wink wink, evil grin*.

Do I notice a couple of family cameos? Second pic, immediate left of "Obi Wan" = (loosely) bearded Josh. Third pic, over Jed's right shoulder = (again, loosely) Jed's Dad (Larry). Eh? Aw, c'mon - use your imagination, have fun with it!!

Damfino said...

You kids are making my giblets giggle!

Looking at these images again... the third one looks like I am having way too much fun with my nipples.

Why god, why must I always look the fool?!?!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

You can never have too much fun with your nipples.

Man Law.


Kern said...

Jed-Congrats on such a major undertaking!

I can see now by the pics that "shooting a movie" is not code for anything as everyone assumes "working in the library".

Unless of course the term, "in the can" was used at any point, at which case I might have to recind the earlier statement.