Thursday, May 11, 2006

Can you say BTK?

So another season has passed us - the girls are away on sabatical for a few months and we, loyal viewers, are left to ponder futher witty interactions and quarrels. Yet, something about the end of this year pushes the bile from my gut to my lips.

Amy and Daniel are gone - Rory is left in shambles (though I bet ol Logan will be coming right back) - and Lor... poor Lor... has completely left the atmosphere. Essentially, the show is shot to hell.

Sadly, I think I need to blame Amy and Daniel for it. The Luke/April turn for his character never really worked or even looked like anything but a dramatic insertion. Lor's decision to not intervene (and Luke's desire for it) was totally off character. And what we are left with as viewers... is stomach churning.

Sure - it is dramatic... but how can you giggle with such damage being done to those we love so? Everyone is working very hard with the material they are given - Lauren Graham knocked more than a few out of the park... but the end result is frustrating to say the least!

Next year will be very different - gone are the days of cheerful giggles... from the viewer!!! Sure, the show will attempt to bring that feeling back... but some choices are just to hard to forgive. And frankly - I think it would be wise for everyone to step back and really think about where this thing is headed... and if any of us want to be there at the end.

Blind. Torture. Kill.



Buttercup said...

Did she sleep with Christopher?? What was with that???

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...



Kern said...

Man, I agree with Jed here. I liked it better when the most yelling you heard was between Lorelai and her mother. For the most part, much of this season rang false for me, and makes me further wonder if it's the case that they should have waited to put Luke and Lorelai together until the twilight of the show. It almost feels like they got some weird impression that by putting the two of them together in a stable relationship, Moonlighting syndrome was going to set in unless they did something dramatic to shake their status quo. It was dramatic, no doubt. Dramatically awful.

Rory kind of feels like she's not been true to character either. Whether one loves or hates Logan and her relationship with him, it's hard for me not to believe that her taste of his lifestyle has not made her more of a selfish brat. Where is the young lady with the witty tongue and the sugary sweetness? I don't know, but like a sick Folgers commercial-esque gambit, it appears as though they've replaced our normal Rory with a stuffier, oddly petulant and slightly annoying stand-in while whispering to themselves if viewers will notice the difference.

To this I say, yes, I've noticed. And I hate it.

I hold out very little hope for this wonderful show which I have been watching since season one. It is only due to a sense of loyalty to the show and a desire to see it finally put itself to rest that I am going to stick around to see what happens because quite frankly, this past season give one every incentive not to care.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

so true, so true....


Damfino said...

They still do get quirky points - Kirk always delivers. But it is the drive of the show that has gone sour.

And Kern - spot on about Rory - I really dislike who she has become. Logan actually seems more well rounded than she!!

We will all watch til the end... and sigh at the acknowledgement that Gilmore Girls is not the perfect little home of our ideallic TV fantasies!

Even if Lor has "juicy" on her butt.


Kern said...

Lauren Graham's Juicy butt.

I think I have to go work in the library for a while. Pardon me...