Thursday, March 23, 2006


It's so gold.

Scrubs ruled this week - the Amazing Race was pretty cool... other than that, I ain't done much.

Whaddup wit chu?



Damfino said...

Adding comment to test... hmmm.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Watched "Lord of War" last night while the wife was away working. Not bad...and Bridget Moynahan is always yummmmmmy.

The sound was DTS-ES discrete just like LOTR. Not too many films with that sound. Once again a factoid of interest only to the sheriff.


"Get out of my beard you crazy bastard!"

Kern said...

DTS! Woooooooo!(Insert Spring Break style affectation here)

Soundtrack specs make me hot.

What? I gotta have something...

FlopTheNuts said...

Haven't watched Scrubs yet. After we put Ella to bed I spent the rest of my night making to-scale cardbord cutouts of my computer room furniture to prepare to rearrange this weekend. Spring cleaning! Yay.

Oh, yeah, Bridget Moynahan. I found her cuter in I, Robot than The Recruit. Must be my geek fetish? :)

Speaking of film sound, I may also try to run wires for my surround speakers in the basement. (I currently have only 5.0 surround down there... :( Need to get a sub...)

FlopTheNuts said...

Oh, almost forgot - Kern, I replied to your question from Monday's post there, if you hadn't already noticed.