Monday, March 20, 2006


Well, I wanted to throw this in your faces earlier (computer at work would not recognize the damfinoblog) ..errr..I mean let everyone know ... that my bracket has yet to go to shit. I have 13 of the Sweet 16 teams and my only final 4 team not in is North Carolina. I'm in the lead with my bracket in the pool at work and have never won one yet, but I have a great shot this year. ( I wish it was morning so I could knock on wood.)

don't hate the playa
hate the game


Kern said...

Well, I for one would like to congratulate Urnotme for an outstanding job on his bracket. I am not too upset since I am just doing mine for the hell of it this year.

I might have thought a little harder about my choices if it was for money, but I ended up filling out a bracket forty minutes before the first games started.

Kern said...

By the way, which ones did you miss incidentally?

FlopTheNuts said...

DAMN is right, Urnotme! Like I said yesterday, I give props where props are due, so, here are your props!

Good luck the rest of the way. Hope NC not being there doesn't hurt you too much.

Go *insert here team you're now rooting for because the Hawks and Panthers lost*! :)

Kern said...

I guess I'm rooting for Duke. For all the good that will do me probably.

Flop, who were your picks for the four?

FlopTheNuts said...

Oh, dear GAWD!

My Final Four: Duke, Kansas, Tennessee, and Arizona. Had Duke vs. AZ in the final.

Yeah, my bracked pretty much has the same worth many of my Hold 'Em hands did last weekend. (Uh, that's worthless, BTW.)