Thursday, March 23, 2006

Free T-shirts??

Just want you all to know I saw this on slick deals today. Free personalized t-shirt all you have to do is pay postage. Holy Crap.


Buttercup said...

click on the free t-shirt's?? takes you to the website

Kern said...

Wow, BC, that's awesome!!! Thanks for the heads up!

FlopTheNuts said...

Atagirl! Good catch, BC!

I actually missed that SlickDeal. I usually only look at the middle column and move on to

I checked the forum about the t-shirt deal, looks like folks are having problems posting pictures to have put on the t-shirt. Hmmmmm... We'll see - I may try to take advantage of this.

Buttercup said...

yeah I am thinking poor porkins