Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wasn't she Jess's step-mother!?!?

Maybe I am just getting bitter - perhaps my attitude towards life and humor is becoming jaded and empty. I am not sure I cracked a smile throughout last nights episode! I actually became annoyed with Sookie to no end... and often found the ramblings of Lor and Rory to be tedious (ok, the apartment moments were funny!).

I guess it is really my sad acceptance that the series has gone soap opera on us with the intro of Luke having a kid. The concept is sooo left field... sooo obviously for dramatic effect... that the show really begins to weaken and demonstrate how fabricated it really is!

And for god's sake Luke - she found the perfect dress... through out a compliment... smile... give her a moment (and if he rags on her for loving snow one more time I am gonna put a bullet in his rancid blue hat!)!

I kinda dig the path ol Logan is taking. Liked the bit where he sat in with Paris... and also Rory's therapy session. Though it is not often funny to mock therapy and those who go, I did like Lor's line about Rory being nuts.

Rory is definitely coming off spoiled and bitchy to me (that scene where she attacks the professor about getting in her class... I wanted to projectily vomit on her!). She needs to be broken down a few more times... and shown the world does not revolve completely around her.

Finally, Scrubs kinda disappointed as well. Don't get me wrong, I laugh my @ss off quite a bit during the shows... but they just seem to come up dry or odd to me. The second episode was pretty darn good - though we keep getting too much naken Zach Braff if you ask me.

As usual, Sarah Chalke was amazing... looked amazing... yummy. Her "frick's" are completely out of control this year... and that kills me everytime.

BTW - the best stuff I have seen all week was on Family Guy. If you did not see that ep - you completely missed out!!

"Hello fellow Hebrews and Shebrews! I went to purchase a TV this morning and Us'd the owner down to $200!!"



Buttercup said...

you did not find the bit at the bigging funny. The fact that they found Luke's twinsie and it was a cross dresser that looked like Dolly Parton. Oh and the rory comment about how she even did a great renditiion of Jolene. One of my favorite songs. OH. The Paul Anka t-shirt even though they did not see him.

Agreed that after that bit it was a little short. I didn't think Loreli looked that great in the dress when she came down but that is me. Rory is a brat. Get over it.

Kern said...

Yeah, I think we're definitely veering into Diff'rent Strokes territory circa Danny Cooksey and Dixie Carter.

A rather unnecessary and contrived obstacle, Luke's kid.

I'm vascillating back and forth about whether Rory's really a brat or not. There are times she seems spoiled and not like the Rory of old. Then again, during the therapy session, it seemed like maybe someone who had a bit of a break with reality for several months isn't really going to be themselves again right away. I did note she said no to taking her dad's money to move into a nice apartment, which I thought was a step up.

Kern said...

Also, for the geeks: When Luke was looking at his daughter's web site, did anyone else notice the web counter? It said there were 1337 hits.

1337 is "leet" in that quasi-silly "leet speak" gamer language. I wonder if that was intentional so that they could catch anyone who hasn't had a date in the last five years.

But I noticed it, so...


urnotme said...

Are you kidding me?!

I never watch Gilmore, but because Hol has become addicted and there wasn't a sporting event to be found on the tele last night i tuned in. And it was hilarious!

Also, I gotta say that I found Scrubs to be back to their old ways last night. The first and second episode killed. They were absolutely fantastic. The kung fu fighting, You can dance if you want to bit, just everything. Come on.

Kern said...

Urnotme: Wow, good to see you again. I happened to catch Scrubs last night because...well, I don't know, I should have been writing, but I was also very amused by the Safety Dance ref.

Damfino said...

But the Kung Fu fighting bit went on waaay too long!

I think we just had a moment - Dan called Gilmore hillarious!

Buttercup said...

Holy Crap I am impressed by that urnotme now if only Flop would tune it. But hey I think he is a weinie. he he he I know that I can get away with that cuzz I family. Man I like to make myself giggle

Kern said...

I concur with Jed about the kung fu sequence being to lengthy. I half expected Peter Griffin and the chicken to burst onto the frame beating the crap out of each other...

krysta jo said...

I agree with Dan - Gilmore was great last night. I loved it when Rory broke down in the therapist's office and was crying about not getting to have coffee anymore. Truly made me giggle. And I also agree with buttercup - the dress was wretched but then I wondered just if it was because she wasn't looking all wedding-ish. Who knows? All in all, I gave it an enthusiastic two-thumbs up! I completely disagree that Rory is a brat - she lives in a shit hole with that psycho Paris and her weird nerdy boyfriend.

Watched new episode of House last night. Again...another quality show.

Kern said...

Though I didn't have any particular problems with last night's GG, I am overall a tad worried about the current arc taking us to a place we may not want to go.

Somehow, I have a bizarre feeling that Lor is going to get back together with Christopher. I don't know why, and I will likely look like a numbskull at season's end, but it's an odd vibe I'm getting for some reason.

Damfino said...

Screw House.

Doyle is special... not nerdy.

I will always love Gilmore... I just can't shake the disappointment in some of the writer's choices.

Amy wrote that one... Wedding dress was a bit - not that spectacular. That matters not... what matters is that Luke would not give her her happy moment.

krysta jo said...

Screw Scrubs and Arrested Development.

Kern said...


Oh man, harsh. I have no opinion about House as I haven't seen it, but I want to rent it.

But poor AD! Isn't it bad enough they're jobless, and now they are being slapped about?

Scrubs is pretty good, but I'm not that invested in it.

I hope someone picks up AD and gives them a beautiful and full fourth season.

Kern said...

Oh and screw Dancing With The Stars.

Not that anyone here watches it, I just thought it should be said on general principle.

Damfino said...

Screw full seasons.

Screw TV.

Kern said...

Screw The World

Screw life.

Screw hyperbole.

krysta jo said...

Screw the damfino blog (not the bloggers though).

Kern said...

I think this has been the most cathartic thread we've ever had.

Group hug?

Kern said...

Preemptive strike: Someone is going to say "Screw Hugs"

Buttercup said...

Ohhhhh I didn't watch House. I forgot all about it. I agree Princess very good I feel bizarre calling you princess but we are all princess's and should be treated as such. That means the tiara. Oh any time I can get away with that one. oh tangent. ooops

krysta jo said...

I am down with tiaras, but seriously - when you look at all the women of the damfino world, it's easy to see we are all princesses.

I love House because he's angry and cool and loveable all at the same time. I am randomly going to start saying half of the crap that he says because he's so sarcastic - it's great!

Kern said...

It sounds like House would fit in just fine here at the Damfinoblog.

If we have a royal court thing going, I suppose that makes me the royal jester. Or the scullery maid.

Damfino said...

Screw the Damfinoblog!?!?

Hmmm - I'm with that actually. This blog world is often too filthy for my taste.

So, I was talking with Devin last night - anyone else wanna do some Jerry back shaving with me?

Buttercup said...


Sarcasim is a really good thing.

FlopTheNuts said...

No more Scrubs spoiling!! I DVR'ed it, haven't watched it yet!

Still only get GG as reruns on ABCFamily months and years after the original air date. :( So, I CAN'T tune it, Buttercup! Thanks for making Trish and I feel bad... ;)

Kern: Nice FG ref! Nice catch of the 1337/leet, whether it was intentional of them or not! And you said 'vascillating'! Hee-hee.

Kern said...

Thanks Flop! That ref was on GG last night, which kind of surprised me, as I didn't think that the show has much of a tech/geek following. Besides me, that is.

Also I decided to wait until Friday night to put together my new computer.

Just so no to back shaving. Waxing seems the way to go to me.

Jed-The blog world is not nearly filthy enough. We've really fallen down on the job since last summer ended. I think Sheriff should revive his dirty word auction again for laughs.

Kern said...

Er, that one thing was to say "Just SAY no to back shaving"

I am flogging myself for the error as we speak.

Damfino said...

Kern flogging himself.

Wouldn't be a Wednesday without it!

Don't chaffe my friend.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

But how many of you googled Luke's daughters name to see if the web site actually existed after seeing the number of hits it had.....

I did....athankyou...