Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Steve Jobs is having a good year!!!

Ohhhh - the balls!!!

Intel is yummy!

My buddy in the office just bought one... I can feel my tax return already slipping from my grip!

Jobs and Apple recorded some amazing numbers this past year - thanks to the magical iPod! iPod sales skyrocketed over 14 million units during the holidays (compared with 4 million last year) and 32 million for the entire year!!! They have only sold 42 million since its initial release... 90% from this past year alone!

I should have bought some stock years ago!



Kern said...

Ooh...Intel Core Duo...I've been hearing cool things about that lately.

As far as desktops go, I am still a PC guy, unfortunately.

Big thanks to Flop for helping shape my buying habits. I just got my new Abit KU-8 mobo and AMD 64 3400+ yesterday. Must admit, however, I am extremely frightened of the DIY. That's a lot of dough to fuck it up...

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

i am smiling so big about all the new apple stuff my face hurts.....what a laptop!

i am currently typing these comment on my G4 ibook and am connected the the web via my apple airport wireless network. iLife is Good

"Think Different"

bunny out

FlopTheNuts said...

That slogan KICKS ASS!! Ballsy, yet funny, and, sadly (to me, at least), probably true. Y'all may make an Apple guy out of me after all! (Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :) )

I'm still pining for a totally decked out Dell XPS - we're talking $4500+ here. Yeah, I'll be getting that the 47th of Deceburary.

Kern, the mobo and CPU sound great! I feel your apprehension about the DIY. But, just like in the "real" world/job market, the only way to get experience is to have the experience! I've f'd up things myself (both personally and professionally - the latter stings a bit more than the prior), but, hey, it's how we learn. And if you do make a mistake, especially if it costs you your own cashola, you'll learn pretty quick!