Tuesday, January 24, 2006

They need a telethon to cure f*ck-face-itis!

Last night Jer came over and joined us for dinner - after some shopping at Best Buy, we came back home and watched some "How I Met Your Mother" which keeps coming up with surprisingly good episodes! Afterwards, we almost threw in some "The Shield," when Devin reminded us that he had never seen an episode of "The Sopranos."

Giddy joy took over my senses - I ran downstairs and grabbed season 1. We settled in and fell in love with this perfect series all over again.

AJ was a little porker! Big Pussy was running around F*ckbucks looking for a car theif! Chris was just beginning to date Adrienna! And Meadow had yet to go through her chubby days!!

God - what an amazing series! What an amazing first two seasons!! Granted, things go down a tad after the 3rd. And the 5th did not really live up to our normal expectations... but this never deters us from getting really excited to watch the show.

Season 6 (the final season) begins on March 16. It is presented in two parts - 12 eps in March and 8 more in Jauary of the next year. That will be the end of the show (as far as David Chase is concerned) and the end of one of TV - Film - all artistic media's finest works!!

Just finished up reading Robinson's "Gilead." The book took the pulitzer this year and it is only the second full novel by the author (her first was 20 years ago!).

"Gilead" is the final memoirs of a dying pastor in Iowa writing to his young son. Totaly first person narrative - chocked full of observant moments of beauty and sadness... but really a somewhat slow read with little story (there is one that arrives 3/4 way through the book). Not really my favorite read - but it does have some awfully wonderful moments. Yet - the main character never really took hold of me, keeping my emotions for his state at a distance (though it can be argued that is the point).

Kind of an "ugh."

This is coming up next - the book hovers in the top 20 of all time lists. So expectations are high!

Gilmore - Scrubs - steaks tonight!!!

For those of you still viewing House instead of Scrubs... GET OFF MY D*CK!!!



Buttercup said...

Gilmore is a repeat tonight however it is a good repeat. Rory's 21st birthday. "tastes like a my little pony"

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Ha so the sheriff will not miss a new episode of GG tonight while he is supporting the arts with his magical horn o' plenty.

Jed you Chinese Finger F*cker, you did not just say that to me!

And no I am not suddenly your grandpa's diaper candy!


bunny out

Damfino said...

What?!?? I thought Gilmore was new! I know I snort an @ss load of blow but C'MON! - am I losing my mind?

Sheriff - F*ck you - see you in court.


Buttercup said...

Hate to tell you sheriff but you didn't see this one. I believe this one was on last month and you missed it then to. But I do think it is one of the top 3 episodes ever.
the I love Jesus
Kirk's movies
and then this episode

My husband made me watch the vampires last night. Do you guys not have enough to do??

Damfino said...

Hee hee hee!

I love the Fiddler on the roof ep! But tonights has the sausage out of chest line - right?

Damfino said...

"Ok... that was way out of line. I have a problem - I can admit that. But what about Dwayne - he is much worse than me - why don't you fire Dwayne?"

"Dwayne's - not - gay."

Kern said...

Yo. The only upside to Gilmores being a repeat is that I can get more stuff done since The Shield(aka one of the finest shows on tv currently) does not come on here until 10.

Loving that Forrest Whitaker!

"Take the gum. It's a fresh pack. Juicy Fruit!"

Damfino said...

The Shield is good. The Sopranos rules.

Kern - have you heard of;

Stella Star *
Louis XIV

Any of those ring a bell?

Kern said...

I become more and more disenchanted with the Sopranos with every season hoping it will regain the glory of season 1. Season 4 was abysmal in my opinion.

StellaStar* is pretty decent. They sound like a cross between The Cure and The Pixies with a splash of Joy Division. I almost brought you their first album last summer. Single from the new record isn't bad, but isn't super special either.

Louis XIV: Puke in a bag. Rewarmed Stones-ian cock rock. In a bad way.

LCD Soundsystem: Electronic band, kind of disco punk. Really hot right now. The Band of James Murphy, braintrust of DFA(production company/record label). Pretty darned good.

Toured with MIA, who is an awesome Sri Lankan gal who is London based. Sort of Grime and Garage beats with a global tinge.

Damfino said...

I totally see the Pixies/Cure mix on Stella Star - that is the only disc I am responding to right now.

Louis XIV is not very good... and I have not made it through LCD.

Just thought I would test ya.

BTW - I would never call any Sopranos abysmal!

Kern said...

How did you come across those three bands?

As far as the Sopranos, it's one of those shows that I'll always have high hopes for since I know its potential. However, I stand by my earlier statement. I hated season 4 with a passion. It seemed very awkwardly paced, and didn't do a very good job of balancing long and short term arcs in my opinion. Very disappointing to me anyhow.

Kern said...

Also, I may have imparted an overly enthusiastic opinion on LCD Soundsystem. I think it's good, but I wasn't as taken as most people. I'll tell you who else I think is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overrated is Bloc Party. I'm sick of people attempting to fellate Gang of Four and Wire and getting major accolades for it. They can kiss my arse.

Kern said...

Jed-Did you read my film review of The Film and The Whale today? I thought it was well written for as little time as I had to work on it.

Kern said...

Er...that should have read film review of The Squid and The Whale.

Damn it!