Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I hate news like this.

Bad news on our Wednesday - actor Chris Penn was found dead in his condominium in Santa Monica - with no signs of foul play.

I think most of us remember Penn's work from Resevoir Dogs playing Nice Guy Eddie. Or perhaps you hold the memory of his young look from the film Footloose. I remember him doing some amazing stuff in True Romance as well as Robert Altman's Short Cuts (his character is the saddest most confusing of the film!). It seems the last few years he has been left to small bit parts in TV shows (Entourage) and bigger movies (Starsky and Hutch).

What is truly creepy about all of this is that Chris was only 41 years old! He was only about 10 years older than most of us!!!

And now he is gone. Damn - honestly, he is one of the few actors I truly wish we could have seen some major work from. Similar to Gene Wilder... another actor I want (wanted) to see some diverse and interesting stuff from... Chris Penn is now placed in the Hollywood history books... never to have his moment.

Chris' final film, The Darwin Awards, is scheduled to premiere this week at Sundance.



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Who can forget him learning to dance in cowboy boots. He will be missed.


Buttercup said...

Poor Chris Penn. It makes me so sad. Gregory never watched footloose until I made him. One of my all time favorites. Which I don't have on DVD shame on me

"you better watch that mouth boy"

Damfino said...

Do you even have a copy at home Drea?!?! Truly, shame is thrust upon you!!

Hey - only 3 days of University life left.

Bring on the indenpendent contracting!

Kern said...

I saw this last night. Truly sad. He was just a year older than my uncle when he died, which I find kind of sad and creepy.

Jed-What's the independent contracting you're referring to?

Damfino said...

Drea will have to explain if she wishes... but she may not check back in.

Buttercup said...

I have a Tape copy. but I do need it on DVD

Hey I don't mind sharing with the group. My last day here at the University of Iowa is on Friday yes January 27th. I am going to be selling a website to contractors. It is called So if you want to go and check it out go for it.
It is a web based organizational system for Contractors. It does lots of cool stuff and is ahead of its time. I will be the first person in the great state of Iowa to be selling so there shouldn't be too much competition.
I am flying out to Salt Lake City on Saturday to do a Week of training. Then I come back and sell my little heart out. Working from home. I am so excited!!

Damfino said...

A solid week in Utah!! UGH.

Last week at a job is scary and fun - I know there are loads you have to wrap up and make sure is done before you leave.

Hopefully, come Friday, one part will be done and some ease can come... next week is gonna be crazy awesome for you!!!!

Buttercup said...

I know I am very excited!! I think I have gotten over the scared part. That is until I call that first contractor. But I will be fine. yeah!! The puppies will enjoy having me home

Damfino said...

Two words....

Afternoon Delight

Kern said...

Awesome BC! Congrats and good luck!