Monday, January 23, 2006

I think its poo....

So I think everyone knows that I went out and bought a lovely iPod for myself last week. A nice white 60 Gb video iPod that I love and cherish!! But unfortunately, some headaches have come into owning this device.

I don't have a tape player in the car, so I am forced to use a FM Modulator to do the trick... I am on my third product - having taken back two others that don't cut it. The third one is the worst of the bunch... thusly frustration has entered.

The real kick in the nuts came when I got to work today! I spent the weekend with Greg and Andrea and Mercedes this weekend (we had a ball getting drunk and playing with Mercedes' love lumps) and got to download their entire song collection.

I had all of the Sinatra! Tons of quality 60's and 70's grooves!!

But I came into work... connected the iPod to my machine without thinking... and watched as it all disappeared!!!! That pissed me off.

Another frustration of the day was having to sit at home and wait for the plumbers to come mop up the basement. The sewer drain got clogged... and all sorts of yummies came up to play.

Thankfully the plumbers were quick and did not track too much poo throughout the house.

Finally, we did view HIGH TENSION this weekend with the Krietners. This french film came out last summer and barely eeked out some dough.

I was not really keen on viewing, but the Sheriff can be persuasive (he's got his balls in alot of pies, but when he gets focused - he gets what he wants).

The film was quite gory - and it offered up some stunningly offensive images (we have all see the shot of the man with a head bobbing up and down in his lap whilst sitting in a car... but have we seen him toss out the severed/used head from the car? EWWWWWW!!!). It also contains a decent twist in the final act. Probably not twisty enought to recommend... but cooler than I thought it was going to be.

Looking forward to one final trip to the Apple store - a house that smells like diaper candy... and some chili.

How else can we check to see if the plumbers did their jobs?




FlopTheNuts said...

I hear you about the quality - or lack thereof, rather - of FM transmitters. I suffer from the same malady: no tape player in the car. Which FM transmitters did you try? The only one I've purchased and thus tried is the earlier Belkin, with only 4 stations to choose from. Yeah, it's crap. But, it was cheap because their newer model was coming out.

I'm guessing one of the FM transmitters you tried was the iTrip? If so, how would you rate it out of the 3 crappy ones you've tried thus far? The best crappy one is probably better than the Belkin one I currently have.

At least you can resynch sometime in the future - all is lost only temporarily!

Who/what is Mercedes?

'Fino, 'Fino's older bro, and Kreitners, the MI McCabes are planning on visiting DM, IA some weekend in Feb. or Mar. (Maybe the weekend after my b-day? Oooooo!!) We'll let you know when we nail down which weekend. 'Fino and 'Fino's bro's availability (a.k.a. if they'll be in town or not) will play a factor in the time we choose. If the Kreitners are up, and if the 'Fino household will have them, I'd love to get together with everyone at 'Fino's place! More to come on this later.

Kern said...

Flop, it's too bad you guys won't be down in late June. I would have loved to have seen you at Kern Returns '06!

Damfino said...

Bry! That would be awesome!!! We around all Feb (dear lord if you could come down for b-day's we could do Josh's as well!!!).

Keep us informed... the Kreitner's schedule is always tight - we need to work with them!

On the modulator front; I tried a Kensington ($80) and it failed - tried the dockable Roadtrip ($80) and it failed - and I tried what Best Buy clamied was the best... don't remember brand ($50) it failed.

I ended up buying a new stereo last night. Best Buy had a Sony with aux input on the front for $99 - with connections I rounded out paying aboutu $140 for the kit.

Not installed yet - but Devin is devising a plan as we speak.

FlopTheNuts said...

(I love replying to day-old posts...)

Kern, who says we won't visit DM, IA in June?!?!!! Heck, we're only 7 to 9 hours away (depends on stops and traffic, of course)! I'm hoping we can make Kern Returns '06!!!

'Fino, doing Josh's b-day would be sweet! Honestly, that hadn't occurred to me! Trish is pretty busy at work, but *maybe*... I'll get planning started!

When you say "failed", you mean the reception was just terrible, right? I mean, you had to get *something* coming through. The stereo w/ the front input sounds bad ass!! I'm going to check that out! (That's the best way to go, IHMO.)


Kern said...

Flop, don't know if yr still reading this post but that would be awesome!!! We may have a very strong Damfinoblog contingent this year! Right on!