Monday, January 16, 2006

How am I supposed to f*ck a dog with this?

What a weekend!

Ok - starting off, the quote for the title of this post is from Friday night. Dan, Hol, Josh and I had the pleasure of joing 30 or so passengers on a birthday drunk bus! We toured about 7 bars - met a few new people - got very drunk - and made tons of fun bad decisions (what else are drunk buses for?!?!)!!

The quote was scribed on the ceiling of the bus and Dan and I giggled re-reading it everytime we got in!

Saturday was devoted to our SLUMBER PARTY CHALLENGE!! The gang gathered and spent the night drinking and playing old Nintendo games (which were a blast to try and find)... and a load of sugary treats were tossed in (carmel brownies... better than crack!!) just to make sure pounds were gained.

Devin came out on top for the evening (he won Duck Hunt with an astounding 300,000+ score) when he magically picked an Ace from a deck of cards... Hmm... I can see now the challenge lessend as the evening progressed!

This was the prize for the challenge - The Giant Cock! Come on down to our house and take in Devin's Giant Cock... it is most impressive.

Sunday was football and moving a desk with Dan/Hol for Rhonda/Larry/Lynds - Lar whipped up some stellar chili (which I will be enjoying for lunch today!!) and we all viewed the Bears dropping the playoff ball completely.

I was off yesterday - so I spent the day watching all 13 eps (actually only 9, I had watched 4 Sunday night) of the SHIELD! Good stuff...

Slide show of Slumber Party pics

View this clip on Vimeo





Damfino said...

Sorry kids - having major trouble with the Windows video.

Enjoy the Quicktime if you can.

Kern said...

Aww bummer. It could be worse, you could be a giant idiot like me and attempt to upgrade your computer yourself, and then have it not post at all.

Kern is computerless at home until the shop can figure out what the fuck I did wrong, besides try to exceed my own limits.

Slumber looked fun.

Damfino said...

Kern hosed his comp. Heh heh... now the geek speek is funny.

onecrazylady said...

Maybe I put crack in the brownies.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Looks like Fino had another drunken bash....

2 words: "Bag sweat"

bunny out

Damfino said...

How in the world would you put crack in them... you snort it all yerself!!

Sheriff - I made them all bow to the Giant Cock... it was theraputic.

Kern said...

Jed-I am glad you find my lack of computer amusing. Please be so kind as to eat a bag of dicks.

Love, Kern

onecrazylady said...

Damnit, I have been caught.

Kern said...

I figured most crack hiding happens with Cheet-os or Doritos powder. Though I think the sneakiest use of cocaine in major foodstuffs would be Bolivian Marching Powdered Mini Donuts.

FlopTheNuts said...

Damn, that slumber party looked and sounds like it kicked ass!! Kudos on the "original" (8-bit) Nintnedo! Whose was it? I'm impressed that you had working controllers. And you gotta tell me you had to do the "cartridge blow" at least once! (He-he, blow.)

Kern, dude, buddy, bummer 'bout your homebuilding. That's all I have to say about that.

Bunny, here's some fumunda cheese to go w/ your bag sweat. :)

'Fino, I've always been in awe of your giant cock. Looks like it needs some polishing, though...


Kern said...

Flop-Thanks for the condolences. I wish I knew what I did wrong. All the fans came on and there was obviously power going to the mobo...just wouldn't post. Ideas?

Also, good call on the "cartridge blow". That really brings back memories for sure. That and the certain way you had to insert the cartridge. It always seemed like you couldn't shove it all the way to inside. You kind of had to get it to catch a little on the inside edge right underneath.

That sounded way more filthy than I intended.

Viva Filth! Viva Damfinoblog!

Buttercup said...

So did the person who went to bed first get marker on their face and crude things written on their bodies. he he he or the classic hand in the warm water.

Ain't Right said...

We actually had two Nintendos. One was mine. And the other was Wendy's cousin's. A couple of games got the infamous "cartridge blow" and my Nintendo also requires the incomplete insertion to get it to work correctly.

And yes, I'm giggling a little.

Damfino said...

The dueling Nintendos was impressive. And I was shocked to see the Track and Field running pad controller still functioned!!

Unfortunately, I was unable to make the giant cock my own. I am forced into an uncomfortable position of begging Devin to see his giant cock. He shows it - but has not allowed me to grasp it yet.

Perhaps while he is asleep I will overtake the giant cock and have my way with it.

I was glad to see Dev was not ashamed of his giant cock and even displayed it with pride all evening! Only a few were intimidated... some were fearful... most embraced it with joy!

BTW, it needs to be mentioned that Josh was given the Double Dribble win by default (Jason quit - I picked up the controller and beat Josh by 21 after being behind by 11)... the tournament kind of died after his win.

I just did not want Josh associated with almost claiming the giant cock as his own.

That would be ridiculous!

Ain't Right said...

Well, what's the point of having a giant cock without letting your friends see it.

Kern said...