Friday, January 13, 2006

Hazzzzaaaa....Buttercup was born 1/14/????

Just giving a shout out to my #1 wifey and best friend Buttercup. She will be having a birthday on Saturday and I am very proud of her for starting on her new career path.

Horray Drea!!!


Sheriff Officer T. J. Hooker, Lilly & Tulip

peace out


Kern said...

BC: Way to be! Hope you have a fine birthday and congrats and good luck on your new adventures in the fabulous world of work.

Ps-Sheriff, I noted your post about Dallas. Well done, sir. I'm wanting to aim for perhaps the third weekend of June, but I'll have to discuss it with Mr. Fino.

Damfino said...

I MISSSSSSSS YOU DREA!!!! Happy early birthday!! I hope the Sheriff gives you the love and happiness that your day deserves.

I am sorry I can't be up there - I will have a shot in your honor Saturday night!!


love Jed

Kern said...

I could use a shot of something right now.

I'll have what Jed's having. Unless it's one of those girl drinks.

I have a new helpful guidline for people this year.

Only drink an alcoholic beverage out of a coconut if you are a)on the lido deck of a cruise ship, or b)it's a coconut bra, which has recently been removed from an attractive and gregarious lady.

Words to live by, folks.

Buttercup said...

why did you choose those picture. eeeehehehe yikes.

I want to make t-shirts again.

"Farts make me Giggle"

I miss you too Jed. We will see you soon.

Buttercup said...

i'm Magically delicious

Buttercup said...

1979, Yes I am 27 but luckily there are older one in here. My husband would be one oh and Jed who calls me Kiddo.