Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's a new gimp every week!!

Scrubs last night was perfect! We were laughing for the solid hour - dying at two Donald Faison (Turk) bits. His initial "Gonna get me sex" song and his brain freeze bit. I love it when he screeches that high pitched scream of pain (takes me back to season 2 with the Dr. Kelso punch to the nuts bit!!).

Please... Kern - Sheriff... those with memories that hold up far better than mine. Roll through some quality lines today - so I can re-watch it in my mind!

So ol Luke has decided that post... um... hopefully everyone watched. So Luke is drowning in his own stupid decisions - a character change that continues to confound me!

Why do this to him? To Lor? Why use his own line ("I am all in") on him about his daughter ("You have to be all in or nothing!")? The pieces all connect to create drama - but it feels like pushed drama. I am not sure how Lor could forgive him for not speaking about all of this for 2 months??!?!? It is pretty ridiculous!

I dunno - I did enjoy seeing Logan back. His confrontation of Lor was perfect for his character... handled very well. The note bit was really good - a moment for the girls that seemed spot on with their characters.

I am in discussion with my brain and my pocket book about buying one of these new iMacs. They have the same processor as the Macbook, but runs with a smaller price tag.

Devin bought his laptop (which may be shipping today - he should post on it and show some pics!) and that means I officially have an itch to buy a computer. These new iMacs seem to be super fast and strong enough for the video work I want to do on them.

Any opinions?

LOST tonight!



urnotme said...

I am off the Gilmore bandwagon once again. I thought the show was just completely awful. Borderline filth.
Scrubs was ok. The second episode was much better than the first, but it's like they're taking every other week off.

Get the mac. I have the perfect place for you to store it...

I saw bush today.

Damfino said...

Ok - what?

Why was Gilmore filth?

I thought both eps of Scrubs were killer!

Um... bush?

Damfino said...

Stevens - did you watch the Slumber slide show (were you able to?)? Dig the tune I picked?

Kern said...

Unfortunately, last night's Gilmore Ep was not very representative of the high standard of quality we know and love. In fact, a good portion of this season is lost to me, anyhow.

Scrubs lines I can remember:

"From now on we won't be calling it cervical mucus. From now on it's going to be sticky icky!"
"Sticky icky?"

As with anything computer related, I endorse it fully. Get one, you'll love it. I am lost with out mine.

Speaking of which, found out what I did wrong with mine, but it can be saved, and will still be 100 times the computer I was replacing to begin with.

Advantage: Kern.

Kern said...


Damfino said...

Anytime Elliot says "B-chinko" I die.

Damfino said...

"You just lit your pipe off my title page!"

Kern said...

"You taste a little anemic..."

Kern said...

"How old do you think I am?"
"Um, would you like to come over for some jambalaya? Oh, dear God, he's considering it, change the subject back! 77?"
"56 numbnuts."

Kern said...

The Indiana Jones bit with Turk was kind of amusing doing exploratory surgery.

"They knew the risks."

Kern said...

I'm still waiting for clarification about the bush comment. Are we talking foliage? The president? Or perhaps you Urnotme saw something a little racier on GG than the rest of us?

Incidentally, my verification word at the moment is ceecupp. Like C Cup?

I am laughing inside

Damfino said...

Talked to Stevens - bush comment was another scribbling on the roof of the drunk bus Friday night.

My drunky @ss did not remember it.

The jambayala gag was hi-lar-ious!

Damfino said...

I could not believe they allowed the bit where Turk got an erection on TV!!!

I loved it when the Janitor picked up Carla and shook her.

Kern said...

That was good.

Dr. Acula was kind of amusing as well.

Kern said...

I had an erection on tv once, but then I was told to get down because a 27 inch set probably wouldn't support my weight.

Damfino said...

That or your pre-pub junk was slipping through the air vents on the back of the box and nearly electrocuting you!

Damfino said...

Pre-pube! Dang!

Kern said...

Ah yeah, right. It happened when I was a kid...that's right. Not recently. That would be much worse.

So yeah, we'll go with "when I was a kid".

Though, I guess Pre-pube junk might be just as apt today come to think of it. Hey-o!

Ain't Right said...

Alright Jed, I know last night it might have seemed I was gently nudging you toward spending the extra money to get the laptop but I have reconsidered. The iMac is small enough and halfway portable so it wouldn't take anything to bring it downstairs for some couch computing on your days off or ambitious evenings. Really the only reason to get the laptop over the iMac is if you want to be able to take it out in public and use it. Plus if you get the iMac you can still get the other toys you want to go with it so I personally (in my "I don't know anything about Apples" way) think the iMac would be a good choice for you.

Damfino said...

Dev... Loren got to me... he is pitching that the Macbook is just as fast and strong as the iMac... making me think of how I could transfer that thing around... Camp... Cancun!!!

Damn... i am confused!

Kern said...

I wish I could afford a Mac as my second computer. Maybe next year.

FlopTheNuts said...

Again, please no Scrubs spoilers - er, none 'bigger' than what's already escaped.

Damfino, besides price, the one other big factor is portability. If you got the Macbook, would you really utilize its "portableness"? If so, then by all means, chuck out the extra bones. (Huh-huh, bones. I was going to say "cash" or "scratch", but went with "bones" on purpose.) If not, get the iMac and, like ain't right said, you can get other toys with the money you would've spent on the laptop.

Kern, what did you find out about your homebuild? I need to build a computer again. Haven't in a while, just been upgrading existing stuff. My old/spare parts pile is looking impressive! My coworker put it best - he said I'm like the Sanford & Son of PCs!

Kern said...

Flop-So it turns out that the mobo was fried. I was ignorant about the new ATX 2.0 boards have 24 pin power as opposed to 20 pin(which my power supply supports, and because of that it shorted the board. If I had studied more, I would have known a five dollar adapter would have solved the prob. So the place I took it to said that all the other stuff was fine(processor, ram, blah blah) and it posted on a new Asus mobo. So I'm going to pay for the new board and labor, and get back a working machine. I guess it could have been worse, eh?

Kern said...

I also like the Sanford and Son ref. Solid!

Damfino said...

I prefer to refer to money as clams... the laptop is a measley $200 cheaper than the blown out iMac.
iMac $2000
2GHZ ram

256 Vram

250 Gb space

20 inch

compared to

macbook $1800
1.67 GHZ

128 Vram

80 Gb

15 inch

I will be doing alot of video... not sure if weaker card will handle effects programs!

Kern said...

Man, I don't know much about Macs, but if the iMac is easily totable around the house, and yr not going to drag it to lots of exotic locales I would personally opt for more POWER!

Especially given that yr doing video. The main reason I am tricking my machine out currently is because Photoshop needs all the juice it can get. Go Big. Go for power.

urnotme said...

Just watched the slideshow of the slumber party - very nice. Great song choice and pics.

Congrats to you Devin on the win and your giant cock.

Buttercup said...

No fair flop now I have the theme song in my head.

Kern said...

For Sanford and Son? That's an AWESOME song to get stuck in one's head. I am going to sing it to myself right now.

Doo doo doo do doo doo do do do do doo doo do doot do doot doot dooooooo!

Damfino said...

Stevens - I am making a purchase later tonight - can I stop over and brag it up?

I have never seen Sanford and Son... I think I was rascist as a child.

Kern said...

Never seen Sanford and Son?

When I come back, there shall be extra floggings.

Damfino said...

Why you always gotta be flogging something?

Damfino said...

I can't do this while Paul Anka is watching.

Kern said...

Because it's a funny word. It's got two G's in it. Two G's. GG. Gilmore Girls. Spanking the Gilmore Girls.

I like where this line of convoluted logic has taken us. Let's enjoy...