Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sheriff's Random Rambling

While watching the MNF blow out this week I became interested in what the other spots on the magical dial had to offer. So while surfing my basic cable package I discovered a re-reun of that little watched 90's program "Seinfeld". For the fan out there it was the "Elaine spounge" ep. And who do you think I saw wanting to plow Elaine and finally deamed "spounge worthy" after promising to trim his sideburns? Our very own Luke Daines from Gilmore Girls. Well, it wasn't actually Luke but the actor who plays him on the show lest you all think I can't seperate real life from the "historical documents" found in my magic box. He was much slimmer and had different hair but that voice and the eyes triggered a "what the" moment in the sheriff that made the evening a little brighter. Commence mocking at for effect!

bunny out


Kern said...

Sheriff-That's awesome! I hope to catch that episode in the near future to see Scott Patterson in a pre-Gilmore capacity.

No mockery here. Nothing but love, Bunny.

By the way, I want to let everyone know that they should for sure check out Tiny Mix Tapes on the 21st...there is going to be a big year end blowout with scads of sweet year end articles, some of which are group articles that I am contributing to. I also may have a new review up next week so keep watching.

FlopTheNuts said...

That's wicked, Sheriff! I love catching those kids of things!

At least the "guest appearance" you caught was an actor now in a different show. I've seen plenty of actors playing a role in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (STTNG) only to spot them playing an entirely different - and usually guffaw causing - role in a later episode. The one that sticks out in my mind is Michelle Forbes playing some alien (smaller, secondary role) then a few episodes later, she's Ensign Ro, with a meatier, but not starring, role (like 6 or 7 episodes).

BTW, Sheriff, "MNF blow out" - what's the "MNF" for? And, ever hear anything from Motel Shits, uh, I mean, 6 yet?

Uh, Kern, I think you're talking about that slime that killed his wife (Lacey) who was pregnant (with Connor) and bought a new truck a few weeks later...

J/K, ha-ha. Yeah, that was Scott Peterson...

FlopTheNuts said...

Ahhhh, I just figured it out - MNF = Monday Night Football.

A little late getting the post, uh, posted, Sheriff? :)

Maybe you need some auqrfx? The Eagles should've drank more auqrfx! Or something!