Wednesday, December 07, 2005

And lo... the beast

The reviews are trickling in... and most are very enthusiastic for KING KONG!! I am getting super jazzed to check out this flick.

I have been watching the produciton diaries along the way... and this should be a LOTR quality film!!

Anyone else excited?



Kern said...

The Long Answer: I think I am more intrigued now than I was several months ago. I remember you disemboweled the first trailer pretty quickly, and from what I saw I had to agree back then.

Is it just me or do the dinosaurs in this one seem to look just a tad too Jurassic Park to anyone else?

Other than that, I've heard that Brody and Watts both really bring a nice depth to the story, and that the beast is a lot more empathetic now than in the first one. I read on or somewhere that Jackson had in a way structured the picture to be slightly allegorical, though I don't recall in what context.

Short Answer: Yeah, I think it might be pretty darned good.

Damfino said...

I have watched several clips - looks pretty solid.

Glad to see the snaggle tooth is gone.

Kern said...


Damfino said...

You don't remember that from the trailer? He had a major snaggletooth on the right side.

Hey - did you watch the shining trailer?

Kern said...

I did. It was quite good stuff. I heard those same guys did one for West Side Story, but I haven't seen it yet. I think you can see a bunch of trailers they do at

See the West Side Story one and tell me if it's good. There's links on the ps260 blog, I think.

krysta jo said...

I think that Kong is going to be fantastic because Jack Black is in it and well...he's great! Plus I saw an interview with him and now I am more in love with him than I was when he did his jig in "High Fidelity"...if only they could fit in a tiny but significant part for John Cusack too......

Kern said...

I think that Jack Black is going to surprise a lot of people with this role from what I've heard. It sounds as though he's kind of a fast talking showman, which fits his personality, but that he does it in a controlled, calculated way. I'm curious to see how it goes.