Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hallowed Be Thy Game

Hey everyone. After going to Queen B's blog the other day and seeing another one of her masterpieces, I became inspired to post another piece of artwork that I finished for better or worse the other day. It's based on a short story that is yet unwritten about an unorthodox missionary taking a diverging path from his dead con-man father, who now rides from town to town gambling with the beliefs of people in a higher power in cribbage matches. The stakes are his classic GTO against their pledge of belief in a higher power, which does not neccesarily have to be God.

The work was not painted, as I am not that talented yet. I did this entirely in Photoshop, which is where I so far do my best work. For the curious, the Latin at the bottom is a rough translation of the headline at the top. Hope you dig it.


Kern said...

Oh, by the way, that's a chain of rosary beads, but with a rabbit's foot instead of a cross, if the picture doesn't show up as well on yr computer.

krysta jo said...

Very cool!

Damfino said...

Yo! Did you free hand the outline? Was this based off of a photo? Betting the goat caught my attention... sounds cool.

Wicked image my man.

Kern said...

Thanks. It was a photo before. All the transformations and what not were my doing. I'm going to have it made into a big print for my wall.

I thought it looked kind of sinister. In a good way.

urnotme said...

Hey I really like this. The red and the black are perfect. I had no idea photoshop could be a medium or whatever. Very cool.

and Kern's right- If you haven't been to queenb's yet to check out her Art you are really missing out.

Kern said...

There was a subtle change that reflects part of the story that I totally forgot to put in. And I thought it was done.

Can anyone spot the difference from yesterday?

Seeker said...

That's some creepy art work.
Come check out mine if ya like.
It's rather creepy as well.