Monday, June 27, 2005

Birthdays, skiing, and one little crash

In the true spirit of the damfinoblog, I thought I would share a little happiness from the family of Krysta Jo. Today is my older brother's 29th birthday and I couldn't be happier. Oh the jokes and stories that will be told until he finally gets over that hill to 31. Ahhh yes... I don't have to post family news again, my little brother will be 24 at the end of the week and my sister will be 21 early next week. your minds, and as you are driving along a major thoroughfare, yell out - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Weekend - while not as exciting as puking and playing with remote controls - was good. The family had a spectacular day on the lake and ended with a magnificent crash by yours truly. Both skis went flying and I did a full roll-over before becoming submerged in murky lake water. If only I had some video footage. One other highlight from the weekend involves a very misguided trip in Des Moines to find the Gay Men's Chorus. So many things to say about some clothing choices, but I shall remain (mostly) silent about that.


Damfino said...

Wow - your fam has an easy time remembering birthday season... they are so close together!

I am hoping to snap some limbs this year while skiing - well played KJ.

Gay Men's Chorus - do we know anyone involved with that Deit - was Wyatt in that?

Kern said...

Morning KJ. Happy birthday to all your assorted siblings! I hope yr ok after the ski thing.

By the way, what kind of clothing choices are we talking here?

Deit Heimley said...

I love your family KJ. Why? They understand tha Cancers rule all. They realize that a Cancer birth month is by FAR the most important of all the other possible birth signs. I am the sole Cancer in my strange family, but the Cancers with five Cancer friends, I feel the warm love that comes from assotiating with other Cancers. Thus, was the Cancer Party born. (read other string)

Ah, the DMGMC!! Both Deit and his partner are involved in that fine group. Deit does not sing, but I handle a lot of behind the scenes stuff to make the chorus work. Deit's partner just shows up, acts like a diva and sings.

So how was the concert KJ. I think a review is in order!!

Damfino said...

Wyatt acting like a diva? Never!

What sort of songs do they cover?

Deit - finally read Sedaris' Dress your fam in courdoroy and denim... actually surprised at how moving and frightening some of the stories were.

The little girl neighbor sent shivers down my spine.

krysta jo said...

I do not think I can do justice to the incredible voices that make up the Choir. I was, by far, most impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening. Unfortunately, I don't have the run-down of songs that were sung, but I will tell you that my favorite song by far was Gloria. It was amazing and actually caused goose-bumps on my arms. Overall, the evening was enjoyable - despite having a hard time finding it.

Sorry - I really need to take review lessons from Alex in order to write a graceful and poetic review of the concert.

Kern said...

Aw, thanks KJ. Are you going to potentially make it to the party?

krysta jo said...

Rumor has it that I might possibly be able to attend Friday night's shin-dig. At least make an oh-so-important appearance but leave early to remain mysterious. :)

Damfino said...

That does not work at all Krysta - we depend on you to get completely drunk and inspire the ladies to run amok topless!

Besides - the evil midgets do not even come out of the basement until after 11!

You gotta stay for them!!

Kern said...

There are going to be ladies? I mean besides the ones who are married or significantly involved?

I hope that if nothing else the posting of the invite may draw some English major coeds who may or may not listen to Belle and Sebastian to show up.

That sir, would make my trip.

By the by, how did you like the graphics I put together?

Deit Heimley said...

Sedaris is a god. There is no questioning that, but I am still upset at the canceling of the Sedaris movie.

For those not in the know, Me Talk Pretty One Day was optioned and was to be made into a movie. They had picked up Matthew Broderick to play Sedaris (I would have been happy, but others rumbled he was too mainstream for the part) and a great budget and were in pre-production when the whole damn thing came to a halt. Sedaris had final script approval, so when the studio came in and wanted the movie to be less "gay" and Sedaris walked out of the project leaving the movie in a permanent limbo.

However, I have read Dress Your Family... about three or four times and I find new bits of humor each time. I especially love the Rooster's multiple entries. It is a good book, but not as great as Me Talk Pretty. 12 Moments in the Life of an Artist is scary and profound. It is a great piece of modern humor.

But I digress.

DMGMC ... Gloria was great, but my favorite was Lamentation of David on the Death of Johnathon. It was a whole big concert of some of the best in men's choral music. But I am a little biased (did I mention I am also on the board).

This and a Cancer family ... you are truely a great and noble person Krysta Jo.

urnotme said...

Ladies run amok topless? Let's not forget your sister will be there.

Can I suggest that the invite gets into the right hands of the leader of the Gay Men's Chorus Club? That would truly be a treat.


krysta jo said...

Never in my whole life have I been called "great and noble." I feel the tears of joy welling up within me.

I also liked the song about dancing on your grave. That was fun and the choir was definitely into it.

So...after the mention of midgets and the inference that I would lead a gaggle of girls to run amok topless, I gather I will make more than the requisite "see and be seen" appearance at THE party.

Damfino said...

Jeez.... urnotme... ugh... make me ill. Hol is not a girl but a married woman who gets to sit in a special place at the party.

Ok - maybe nudity would make things uncomfortable... ugh.

Why you gotta take it there man?

And you still need to drop the seriously's... losing impact.

krysta jo said...

urnotme - I still like the seriouslys and they make me laugh so continue on my friend.

Damfino said...

Thanks for the support KJ - don't forget to shove that blade all the way through my back!

krysta jo said...

Someone has to stick up for urnotme - you are suck a bully Jed. GOSH.

urnotme said...

Thank you KJ-seriously

Kern said...

I leave for two seconds and it's a brutal melee! Let's take some time to think about what's truly important.

The Co-Eds.

Kern said...

Jed: By the way, there will be more Ryan coming for you.

Urnotme: You have a Cash bonus coming. Johnny Cash that is. God Love Murder, and American Recordings III

and Neko for KJ

krysta jo said...

Alex - you totally ROCK. You're very rad today.

Kern said...

Yay! I'm rad!