Wednesday, May 04, 2005

SpongeBob and Gilmore

After two weeks of very funny - "I love Jesus" spouting mannequinns and Kirk making cereal forts - Gilmore Girls resigned to milking the drama of Luke/Lor and Logan/Rory. I love the show - I live for the giggles it creates - but come on... can't we have a little happiness?

After the stress that was Lor's need to travel - we popped in SpongeBob Squarepants The Movie (Scrubs was not on)! Boy - I now can see clearly that I am an old man. Most of the humor was lost on me (little animated sea creatures yelling and singing irreverant songs?) - with the exception of the David Hasselhoff sequence (who would not like to be fired like a missle from DH's pecs?). Actually, it was quite the struggle to finish it.

Anywho - I must sit and ponder where I am to get the money to purchase Gilmore Girls Season 3 (now available from Warner Bros Home Video)... carry on.


krysta jo said...

You used the word "giggle." Thanks.

Damfino said...

I am always about 2 heartbeats away from a giggle... either that or drinking.

Anonymous said...

so you really have done it. Agree with the Gilmore girls season 3 first dream sequence of the season Loreli's dream about being pregnant with Luke's all comes full circle

Damfino said...

Hmmm. Anonymous is very knowledgeable of the Gilmore realm! Does this thing show names at all?

urnotme said...

Damn! I wanted to be the first to crack on you for using the word giggle, but at least I can make fun of you for saying anywho. Plus, Springsteen\Anka-Spongebob--Oldman???? Ugh, you kidding me? You're like 28 and listen to far better music and watch much more intersting movies. Weak. So, I have to say very cool idea here. I love to read blogs and in order for me to post(i.e. Make fun of you) I had to sign up for a sight. Whatever shall I do with it? So for now- Peace out Playa (Garden State)


urnotme said...


and so's your face

Damfino said...

Oh! OH! You have to build a blog... and release your anger after talking on the phone to some dumb@ss!

That would be killer.

Quit ripping on my face.