Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Replacing rotors and brake pads on a 1996 Cavalier

1. First, make sure you have the car safely situated on jack stands with both front wheels well off the ground.
2. Change into a nice old sweater and dress shirt - always maintain a look, even when working on automobiles.
3. Remove both front wheels.
4. Drag out your cd boom box and fire up some old Bruce Springsteen - his 1991 "Human Touch" album always calms the nerves.
5. Look long and hard at those brake calipers - find a way to compress the cylinder that holds the pad tension.
6. Remove the brake pads.
7. Change the music tone to oldies with some Paul Anka - really sell that "in control" tone.
8. Remove the rotors and play a game of basketball with the trash can.
9. Quickly replace the new rotors and work in the new pads (the cylinder will pop back into place).
10. Re-attach the wheels - make sure you re-tighten the bolts by spinning the wheel and holding the crowbar. It is really cool.
11. Lower the car and release a resounding sigh of congratulations.
12. Head out for black and tans and fall asleep with happy visions of a perfect running vehicle!

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