Thursday, May 05, 2005

Josh's World

Every day is a new experience when you have a brother like I have. Josh is my older brother, a man who loves his odd ball comments and fits of rage over the smallest of issues (his fits often find him breaking taco shells and cranking up the radio to sing along to some rancid 80's tune).

Last night we found ourselves heading to Target to purchase a Mother's Day gift. Josh, in a pleasant mood from cooking out, proceeded to pop in his favorite cd and request a sing along from us (myself and my roommate Jerry). While Josh bopped along his merry way - singing Green Day completely out of tune - I realized that I am in desperate need of a girlfriend.

Target was another experience; Josh disappeared after entering the store. I found the gift for mom but needed to call the other siblings... my own failing was that I left the phone at home and Josh was the only one with his. So we waited... and waited... I went off to his usual spots... and no Josh. Finally, he arrived, and did a classic Josh by not wanting to give his cell up.

"I need your cell."
"You need my cell?"
"I need your cell to call Holly."
"Ok - just use yours."
"If I had mine with me I would use it."
"Oh, so you need to use my cell to call Holly."
"Well... where's your cell?"

Oh how we love public displays of anger. The present got bought - and Gilmore Girls Season 3 came home as well. Not a bad day.


krysta jo said...

Those poor taco shells - giving up their lives for Josh's rage. be a fly in the car when Josh, Jed, and Jerry do a sing along...I can almost hear it now...

Damfino said...

There is an odd moment between the three of us as "Total Eclipse of the Heart" plays.

The taco shells, sadly, suffered.

krysta jo said...

I'm scared.

Damfino said...

You should be... ah yes... you should be.

Beans said...

was there meat in the taco shells? that would be a real waste...

Damfino said...

Ah - Ms. Beans,

What is vital to the humor of Josh is to understand that meat in the taco shell would have kept him from throwing them. He releases his anger only on the truly weak and innocent!