Thursday, February 05, 2009

TV REVIEW: Scrubs 8.07 & 8.08 "My New Role" & "My Lawyer's in Love"

It is my duty - my honor - to report... that Scrubs is good again!!!!

Ok, I never really left the show, but some of the last two seasons was really unbearable to witness. Season 8 opened up on ABC with the notion that it was trying to return the show to it's earlier greatness.

The first two episodes were pretty damn good in comparison to the last two seasons... but the following two episodes slipped right back into nothingness.

Then last week we had two eps that really tried to re-capture some feeling in the series - and they included some decent Seaseme Street dream sequences too!

That sounds weird, but it worked very well.

Now we have the 7th and 8th episodes of the year and... by God, I would put both of these episodes up against anything from Seasons 1-3!!!

In fact, "My Lawyer's in Love" has a moment that I would throw into the pantheon of Scrubs bits... take a look.

Hell, here's another nugget just cuz you were asking!

Seriously... the show knocked both of these out of the park. BRAVO!!!!

Scrubs 8.07 "My New Role" : A-
Scrubs 8.08 "My Lawyer's in Love" : A


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