Sunday, February 15, 2009

TV REVIEW: LOST 5.05 "This Place is Death"

Blowing my mind is a quality that LOST often beholds and does very well - "This Place is Death" definitely delivers on the mind massaging.

I am so happy with how the season is going, we have yet to have a bad episode or one that I really did not have a gasping moment with! This ep made me gasp about 5 times.

The biggest and best gasp of the night belonged to smokey. Watching Rousseau's team wander through the jungle to meet up with the Smoke Monster... watching one of her crew get blown out of the ground - into the air - and landing with a nasty thud (sound effects were big tonight).

Montand gets grabbed and is dragged in an exciting sequence - smokey is taking him all the way back to the...

TEMPLE!!! Finally, we get a view of the Temple! I guess smokey likes to hang out here and was given Montand a little tour - the gang held on to him as long as they could, til smokey severed his arm... oops!

Here was gasp 3 and 4 - realizing that Rousseau's team got the sickness by entering the temple after Montand... the scene where Danielle had to shoot Robert was heartbreaking and stunning!

The fun sort of let up once we dealt with the Island Losties finding the Orchid... and the LA stuff was ok this week (though not much happened). I did like Ben's fit about everyone not giving him the respect he deserved!

Having Desmond arrive at the end was annoyingly TV convenient. But - whatever.

The final sequence was gasp 5 - when Locke hit the floor and broke his legs... and had the bone protruding... ewwwww. The sequence was very cool. Christian Shepard announcing that Locke was to turn the wheel... not Ben... odd, what does that mean?

"Say hi to my son..."

The only real bummer of the episode was the death of poor Charlotte... we hardly knew her - my guess is we will see her again as a child - with the Dharma Initiative.

Yummy stuff folks - enjoy it now... this won't last.

LOST 5.05 "This Place is Death" : A


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