Monday, June 02, 2008

TV REVIEW : LOST 4.13-4.14 "There's No Place Like Home" Pt. 2 & 3

As season finales go, this was pretty impressive. Not the total mind blow that was last season (the reason I am now watching the show again) - but still, an amazing and fun barrage of action and questions-questions-questions.

The story popped along and kind of cornered several characters until the big bang (above). Michael was trapped with the bomb, icing it to try to give everyone time - and Jin was unable to make it to the helicopter... thus, apparently both exploded.

In my mind, I believed both could be alive -until today, Harold Perineau is doing interviews complaining about how his character ended and how his story did not play out at all like he wanted. That means Michael is toast... but who knows about Jin...

One of the coolest moments of the finale was seeing Ben step up and take on the task of moving the island. First, he murders Keamy in a rage (awesome!!) then gives Locke the big "SO?!?" moment... then he went down into the bowls of the island and cursed Jacob's name as he spun the magical island moving crank!

Weird - fun - and really interesting!

In the end, we knew we were going to find out who was in the coffin - and frankly, I was assured that it was Ben (even as Ben visited Jack in the funeral parlor... I thought he was a ghost). Then we find out it is Locke.... whoa.

Props to this show for entertaining the hell out of me. It keeps me guessing and definitely makes me crave all conversations about it. Season 4 really knocked my socks off - well done!

LOST 4.13-4.14 "There's No Place Like Home" Pt. 2&3 : A-


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