Monday, May 19, 2008

TV REVIEW : LOST 4.09-4.12

As the TV season draws to a close ("The Office" and "30 Rock" have ended on high notes!) I am sad to see LOST reach its long-long hiatus. It will be another 9 months before we get a new episode! ACK!!

Regardless, this season has been simply amazing. I have been slacking on reviews due to some wedding or something... so I wanted to do a little catching up.

LOST came back from a short hiatus with a huge bang! In episode 4.09, "The Shape of Things to Come," we find Ben Linus waking up in the middle of Tunisia - in a parka! The ep centered on Ben off island recruiting Sayid to do his killing - and on island there was tons of action as Keamy and crew arrived to do some Lostie killing.

The scene where Ben allows Alex to be murdered was breath-taking. In fact, his line immediately after, "He changed the rules," sends shivers down my spine. Michael Emerson cranked a big one out of the park with this episode.

LOST Episode 4.09 "The Shape of Things to Come" : A

"Something Nice Back Home" saw an interesting life for Jack and Kate off island. Jack came to find happiness (for a moment) with Kate and even asked her to marry him. Though his jealousy began to rear its ugly head by the episode's end. On the island, Jack is operated on and Claire runs off into the woods after Christian, her dad.

Weird but fun.

LOST Episode 4.10 "Something Nice Back Home" : B+

"Cabin Fever" was a brilliant episode which centered on the life and times of John Locke. There was an amazing sequence in which young John is show several items that might have belonged to him... very similar to the way a young Dali Lama is chosen. That was uber cool.

Inside Jacob's cabin we discovered Christian and a very creepy Claire - John emerged to announce that need to move the island... WHU????!?!?

LOST Episode 4.11 "Cabin Fever" : A

Finally, Thursday brought us part 1 of a 3 part finale. The Oceanic 6 have arrived back home to some tumultuous times. Hurley has the numbers showing up on his car's dash - Sun has taken over her father's business (that was pretty cool too) - Sayid meets up with his woman that will soon be dead - Kate is clinging to Aaron - and Jack finds out Claire was his sister! Jeez, that was part one.

On the island Ben Linus walks into the Orchid (the Orchid!!! Finally!!!) and into Keamy's angry gun butt. Everyone else is prepping for a fantastic finale - Kate and Sayid are with the Others - Sun, Jin, Aaron, Michael and Desmond are on a C-4 laiden boat - Jack and Sawyer are off to find Hurley... and the world is about to end.


LOST Episode 4.12 "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" : A-

This show - this season - it all... ROCKS!!!!


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