Monday, January 21, 2008

Road to rerfection goes through Eli

Sunday brought the final playoff games before the grand Super Bowl - the NFC and AFC championships!! The Patriots came away with a win against the San Diego Chargers - in fact, it was Brady's first and only bad performance of the year. Not only did he throw 3 interceptions but his passes that he did complete were consistently off the mark. It was a hard game to watch.

The difference maker was the defense for the Patriots. I was shocked to see the D step up and completely keep the Chargers from scoring a single touchdown! They should be very proud of their performance.

At a stunning 18-0, the Patriots now only have one more team to play before their unbelievable season comes to a perfect end.

And the team they will be playing is the New York Giants!! What a fantastic game! I really expected the Packers to roll over the Giants (a team that I have really looked down upon this entire season). Eli Manning always came across to me as completely unbalanced and frankly, not prepared to lead a team. Now, after winning 3 playoff games in a row, the Super Bowl will have a Manning in it... just not the one we expected!

Dan said something interesting last night, he had heard that for some players - their careers came together in a single moment - one game that set them in a completely different, vastly more competitive play mode... Dan said, the game that did this for Eli was the Patriots game.

These teams met in the final game of the season for both - and it was brilliant! Both teams battled it out like they were not locked into the playoffs - both should be very proud of making it into the Super Bowl. I can't think of a better end to this season!

Sunday was also the season finale of The Amazing Race! I have a group of friends who came together to play a fantasy version of the game, picking a team at the start to follow. My team, Nate and Jen, went out last week - bitching their way to a loss.

Last night's winners was TK and Rachel - Dan's team. He should be happy - bastard!

Off to see "There Will Be Blood" today - yummy,



Sheriff officer Greg the Bunny said...

Giants deserved to win. Dominated all phases of the game. Without a few lucky breaks the Packers would have been lopsided for the Giants.

Super bowl this year just might be super.


Damfino said...

Super duper!!!!!