Thursday, May 03, 2007

Findlay Entertainment speaks!!

I know I have made this pitch before - but my little brother Caleb is kicking some podcast butt over at his website - Findlay Entertainment.

Take some time and read a few blogs - make a few comments - download a podcast if you can... subscribe here to have it download directly to your iTunes!!

Caleb recently got a job as the podcast producer of his church in Grimes - he will be doing recordings and putting them into podcast form - which will be up on their website!!

I'm not even doing that!! Way to go kid!



Kern said...

Nicely done, Caleb. I have checked out the blog and podcasts on occassion and I know that starting this stuff young can lead to other exciting things. If you're reading, good work!

Damfino said...

Alex - I thre your comment up on his blog for him to read - thanks brother!

Kern said...

My pleasure, man. I would have posted there, but didn't know where to put it exactly.

What he's doing reminds me a lot of the spirit of what Mastrofski and I used to do in high school with recording our writing on audio tape in high school, only the tech is so much better now. If he digs this and can stick with it, the possibilities are endless.

yo-mom said...

Thanks, big bro, for being so supportive of Caleb. You always come through for the fam. Love ya.