Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And I.... will always love you...

I can't believe it... I am a sucker. After 7 years of the girls... all of the drama of the past season - Amy leaving and all... I am really watching because I am a pure sucker for the gushy love that I want Lorelai and Luke to have.

Last night, my tiny dark-frozen heart skipped a few blips watching Lor sing away... to Luke... God help me... I am that guy.

Gilmore Girls - you are not what you once were... but we will always love you.



Buttercup said...

I thought that it was a strange selection for your daughter especially if you are trying to cheer her up. Man it was so good to see Rory get pummeled. I know I am harsh but still good to see.

Damfino said...

Just wait til she dumps Logan for asking to marry next week... her excuse will have something to do with "I don't know where I will be in the future!!!"


I am serious... I got choked up listening to Dolly whale!!! Not much Whitney creeped in there.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Hello.....Kurt singing "Do you realy want to hurt me"...nealry pissed myself.


Ist ep I had seen in a long time...made me long for the good old days.


Damfino said...

Time for the depends Sheriff.

Actually, I found mr. Kirk quite funny as well.

I just remembered when Kirk opened "Kirk's" this season... that was killer stuff!!!

Kern said...

I will miss Kirk and his wacky antics when the show finally winds down. I think that this has actually been one of the better eps in a long time.

However, I found myself a little annoyed at the amount of indie bands rattled off by Lane and Zach. I mean, it's one thing to sprinkle refs for those in the know to go "Hey, these guys really know their stuff!". But to basically have them rattle off whatever bands happen to have a lot of buzz over at Stereogum or wherever in a laundry list seems to smatter of "look at me and my hot indie cred!" desperation.

Y'all are hip writers. We got it.