Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A long time ago - we used to...

I don't know if it is just the weather - the yearly winter funk that happens - but I am just worn out on almost all of my TV shows.

I still laugh at the Office, love 30 Rock... but Scrubs is not really doing anything for me... Gilmore is way off it's track...

and Veronica Mars has got nothing going for it.

I have not seen last nights episode but last weeks big death was a complete joke!!! In fact, last weeks episode was handled so horribly... Richard Greico swinging a bat like a moron killing off a character that I really enjoyed!!

The episode where Veronica was arrested had a few moments of humor - it also had a cute storyline of Logan taking care of the younger sister of Dick's weekend chickadee (that was fun to watch too - "We got married!!! - I need a divorce lawyer!!"). The episode had some life - but overall this season has been a major major letdown!!

I am getting this feeling that TV shows should only run for a limited number of episodes... perhaps only as long as the creative idea behind the show comes to fruition (that would have Veronica Mars ending when Lily Cane's murder was resolved).

The Sopranos does a decent job of stepping away and taking some time to figure out where to go... but it also falters at times, producing stories and episodes that fail to live up to the quality the show deserves.

I feel nothing for Veronica... nothing for Lorelai... nothing for J.D.

What the hell am I doing wasting my time watching then?



Ain't Right said...

I think the problem is that you are always looking for the next new thing while shoving the old stuff aside. My suggestion is to not watch any new shows at all. Wait till the show is cancelled and it is on DVD then consume it as fast as you can and you won't get burned out. Of course that only works for TV shows.

Damfino said...

You have a valid point - watching via DVD all at once seems to allow the show to work much better... but even Buffy suffered at the end.

The 7th season is near unbearable for me (I really like the 6th - though most would include it in the unlikable end) - even though I watched it all at once.

I am not sure I shove the old stuff aside - I still watch them all religiously. Hell, Gilmore night never really came about until the 4th season!

It just seems that maybe the season drive of the shows doesn't work... the mid-season lull could be avoided... it seems that an entire season could be fully scripted out rather than limply guided.

I love the TV format... and hate it too.

Love getting to know characters so well.... hate seeing my time wasted when writers have to fill an episode because the TV schedule demands 22 hours!! (or whatever the case may be)

HBO seemed to have the solution (Six Feet Under came the closest to perfection - but season 4 had some drop outs!) but often their shows suffer as well (Deadwood!!!).

Where might the answer be?



Ain't Right said...

The shove aside was meant as more of a mental thing than actually not watching the show anymore. I'm sure you do still watch them religiously but the fact is after watching 5 or 6 seasons of a show you know how the writers write and the actors act and the director(s) direct. So it isn't surprising and new. You also have a large reference about how good it can be so if it isn't exactly that good it's disappointing. But when a new show comes along there is no frame of reference and you don't know what to expect so each episode has an air of excitement around it.

As for the answer, I can't help you there. I am a loyalist. I look forward to the comfort of characters I have known for so long. And the longer I have known them the more forgiving I am. I suppose there times when I want exciting and new but after that I still like to return to the proven and familiar.

Brian Gongol said...

Allow me to concur -- on "Scrubs" at least. The last two episodes were terribly-written parodies of the show's normal self. The "clip show" nonsense two weeks ago might've been forgivable, but last week's episode was so badly-directed it looked like a freshman project in film school.

Bring back the funny!