Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's a sqeaker!

Last night, the Bengels got a womping from the Colts... but more importantly Carson Palmer never threw a touch-down pass. I think I gave myself an ulcer watching that game.

You see - Stevens and I were neck and neck coming into this game - I was a mesely 8 points ahead... and he had Cin's kicker and I had Palmer, the QB. I was pretty confident on the win... but as the game dragged on - I noticed a lack of touchdowns and a barrage of field goals instead!

Luckily I sqeaked by on 4 points - crawling into the final match ups for fantasy football.

The Sheriff came into the game last night tied with Monkey Slappers... and sadly, with a Reggie Wayne TD catch, he saw his dreams of winning the league slip away. Kreitner led the year with points (watching his monster running back L. Tomlinson pull down more than 24 pts every weekend was insane!) but sadly met the Slappers when Drew Breese decided to go nuts and toss TD after TD.

We shed a tear for our boy.

He moves on to play Dan in the consolation final - which is worth $25 and $15 for 3rd and 4th place. Expect Greg to wallop Dan.... sorry Stevens.

The rest of the league has been battling it out for the consolation prize of $15! We will be looking for the total points winner in this bracket.

The big news is that I am definitely coming out ahead (we had to put in $20 to play, I will at least come home with $35 - $100 goes to the top winner) - even though I trickled into the final game. Though, my record rules (I was 11-2 in the season!), I don't expect to pull anything amazing in the final game... Slappers is gonna b*tch slap this Scrot!



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Wasn't Dan in a punk/ska band back in the day called "Bitch slap the Scrot"?

I could swear that he was.

Good luck to all in the last few weeks of the league.


Damfino said...

No no - it was called "Scrot-Slapped!"

Pretty amateurish stuff.

Kern said...

I think their one big hit was, "I've Got A Hunch About Some Gunch".

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

The "B" side of that record was titled "One if by hand, two if by steamer"