Wednesday, December 20, 2006

DVD's - Transformers - aging Kern

THE DEPARTED hits stores in Febuary (just in time to keep those Oscars wheels a churning!) in two forms. The two-discer above and the single discer below.

I am sure I will buy the 2-disc... but I gotta admit I like the cover of the single better (except for the pic of Leo above... ewwww).

Speaking of covers... look at the Shield Season 5 cover - it is rocking! This was the most amazing stuff of the series!!! And to fuel my love, the show is on sale at Wal-mart for $20 a season... I need to find me $80 to blow!

Finally - (hmmm - I might be the only one waiting for this) the trailer for Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS has arrived. Check it out here.

What? Screw you guys!

To round out things - I missed Kern's birthday wish yesterday... but his editor put up a very nice one over on his blog. Go read and send on some birthday wishes to our favorite Seattle boy.

That's all for today - got work to do.



Kern said...

Ahthankyou, Fino. It was a good day, and if anyone catches this I urge you to go check out, and see some of the hard ass work your man's put in recently.

I hope others found the piece with Listen's "editor" as funny as I did. I cracked up the whole way through it.

Damfino said...

I laughed and cried... odd emotions all around.