Thursday, August 10, 2006

pretty pictures

Not much to report today - I just wanted to toss up some poster images that I have been mulling over for the past couple of weeks. First is some Spider-man 3 stuff! The above image is a killer poster! It works with the teaser quite well. Below are two singles of Peter and Venom (Brock Landers) - pretty flipping sweet!

If you have not seen the teaser - then head on out to and watch the HD version. Sam Raimi looks to hit this one out of the park just like Spidey 2!

Ok, now here are some really cool posters. The film is Grindhouse, but it consists of two stories; one directed by Robert Rodriguez called "Planet Terror" and the other directed by Quentin Tarantino called "Death Proof." I could care less about Rodgriguez's stuff - but Tarantino always brings his A game. "Death Proof" is starring Kurt Russell and looks to kick some major @ss!!

Grindhouse opens in April and Spider-man 3 opens in May - YEEEEHAAAAAA!



Kern said...

Hot damn I'm excited about Grindhouse. I love actual grindhouse type exploitation films anyway, and the fact that they're doing fake trailers in that style is absolutely awesome. When I went to see The Beyond at Billy Joe's, I think that was the best part. Especially the creepy trailer for The Offspring!

Damfino said...

We will have to see how well they follow through. These initial images are awesome... but Rodgriguez's image of Rose McGowan with the machine gun for a leg... that sounds stupid.

I still have not watched the Devils Rejects... that is supposed to be real grindhouse stuff.