Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Caleb hearts iMac!

This is my little brother Caleb. When Caleb gets an idea in his head he is pretty determined to see it through. So when my mother mentioned that they might get a computer - Caleb began his qwest to drive her insane.

Last week, after many challenges and choices about Mac Mini's and Macbooks - Caleb got himself an iMac! I could not be happier for the family. This is a really strong machine, built with the Intel Duo Core processor and about 160 GB of hard drive space. He has iMovie and iDVD at his disposal - and also the ultra cool Garage Band! I made a song in about 20 minutes!!!

Here is the song - and some pics of the Kern Returns to boot!

Jed's song on Vimeo

So now my little brother will be on the internet all of the time... I fully expect him to write me daily - and to use this new machine to make a ton of movies and soundtracks.

That's what I would have done!!



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

The song has a slight "Rescue Me" opening feel to it. Me likes.

Apple rules. New Mac Pro tower out also. Killer!!!!!

Damfino said...

Ooh - you liken my song to the Von Bondies? I am honored.

Mac Pro looks stellar!! 2 TB of space... Xero Intel processor...


Kern said...

While I have not yet joined the Apple family, believe me when I say I am duly impressed. If I had the disposible dough, I would totally take the plunge. Interestingly enough, the final shot just reminded me that Mastrofski is also a Mac user. Mr. Powerbook.

Nice composition, Jed. I liked all the synchro with the pics.