Monday, June 05, 2006

Pixar's "Cars" are we excited?

Hello fellow blog heads,

On June 9th another bit of Pixar magic is comming to the big screen, the animated feature "Cars". What is the excitement level for this film? Are we all awaiting the first Pixar flop? Surely Pixar can't keep bringing out story driven films that continue to deliver the goods. Toy Story, Bugs Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. I must admit I left the theater after watching Incredibles not completely overwhelmed by the story. However, when the DVD was released I discovered all of its wonder and now believe it is one of their best. I will go into "Cars" with an open mind and trust in the fact that as a studio Pixar truely does focus on story first and their medium of transport is the 10110001 and not celluloid film. If X-men 3 can have no real plot and make 123 million over the long holiday weekend Cars has a chance to make a big pile of cake!

Go out and see a movie people.

Your sage rambling advisor,

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny


Kern said...

Admittedly, I've not kept up with the Pixar films as much as I would like to have. In fact, I don't make it out to the movies as much as I used to, which is kind of stupid considering we get the kind of films on the regular that I would have practically killed for when I was in the Midwest.

For some strange reason, despite the fact that I like both Owen Wilson and Paul Newman(especially Paul Newman) and racing, I can't find myself finding any excitement for this. I don't know if it's because of my deep seeded hatred of the "humourous stylings" of Larry The Cable Guy, or the fact that it appears very NASCAR-centric(one of the few forms of racing I don't like), but there is something there I cannot put my finger on.

This is an interesting topic of discussion, though. I really need to go watch The Incredibles, especially since it was directed by Brad Bird, who was instrumental in both the best eps of The Simpsons, and possibly the best animated family movie of the last 15 years, The Iron Giant.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


The extras on Incredibles give an inside look into the man that is Brad Bird. It, and the film, is a must see.

Must be viewed before Kern returns 2006.


Damfino said...

I attempted to post all day yesterday - stupid blogger!

Kern - I am gonna beat you severly with one of my older pans when you get here... "Admittedly, I have not kept up on the Pixar films..."

The film snob in you needs some major ass kicking my friend.

Pixar is great stuff - netflix them all (yes - ALL!) immediately.


(sorry about the agression - I hate blogger)

Damfino said...

Oh - and CARS looks ok. I am sure it will be great - but I agree that not much excitement is building in me either!

Kern said...

In order to hopefully salvage what's left of my youthful good looks from a savage beating with Jed's cookware, I'd like to say that my not seeing Pixar films had nothing to do with snobbery. I have seen Toy Story and Finding Nemo, so it's not that I am above seeing a fun animated film, I just haven't stayed on top of it. I've been kicking myself about not seeing The Incredibles since it was in the theatre and DVD, but I just keep forgetting to check it out.

But no more! I pledge to the Damfinobloggers at large that I will put The Incredibles at the top of my Netflix cue, as soon as I send back the films I've had out for months now. I just can't seem to get in the headspace to watch the Constant Gardner for some reason.

Hopefully this will mean Jed will only lightly paddle my hindquarters with his griddle or something.

Damfino said...

Heh-heh... hindquarter...

Kern said...

I don't know why but hindquarter is a very funny word. Unless it's the thought of my particular hindquarters conjures laughter. In which case I'll have to start doing more squats...

/he said squats. tee hee!