Friday, April 28, 2006

Mad World

It's my first day back at work from Vegas - things are nutty and I am definitely going to be busy for quite some time. Regardless, I have to put a note out on this.

I go to this blog everyday - The House Next Door - it is a writer who posts on cinema and also reviews Sopranos every week. His name is Matt and his work is impeccable.

Today, I went to visit (making a quick visit to all my sites) and discovered a post about him and his wife. Apparently, his wife passed away last night while at home with their kids. She was 35 - no illness - no lifelong smoking habit - just simply slumped over and passed on. Their young son found her.

I am mentioning it because of how this internet world can bring people so close to one another. I don't know Matt personally in any way - but I have corresponded on his site - and I do have a respect for his intellect and opinion. To see this kind of news makes me sad... but also really brings home the fragility of our own world.

I am not sure why... but Tears for Fears "Mad World" started rattling in my head - and I drifted to Donnie Darko, a film that looks at the inevitibility of death and the frustrating lack of reason or understanding of existence.

Matt's loss is great - nothing is going to fix or relieve his pain... but it is amazing to me that he has someone miles and miles away, whom he has never met, thinking of his troubles... and hoping life has more happiness for him.

Call your mom's - kiss those wives - take in a breath and smile at your life... just remember... you get a short time here.



Kern said...

Jed-Well said. Though neither of our blogs are what I would call famous, I often think of how interesting it is and fortunate it is that I have met people like the Sheriff and BC, Deit, Flop, and KJ. It is amazing that we live in a world now that allows us to become closer than ever before to people who are so physically far away.

Jed, as you said, it's important to say these things to people you care about and that we don't take the people in our lives for granted. So with that,I just wanted to say that I miss you and all the people back there and I always think of our group with a great sense of pride, not just for the people we were, but for the fine people all of you have become.


Damfino said...

Thanks Mr. Kern. I think it is time for me to read some more Camus - he always made me feel better when the world frightened me.

A confused and conflicted mind to comfort a confused and conflicted mind.