Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"How long can you look at a f--king pretty tree before you want to kill yourself?"

Hey folks,

Still in Vegas - I have a brief moment today to do a little blogging. Look for Vegas images and stories next week (including some poker winnings!!).

For right now, we have some major Gilmore news to cover. So, we all know that Amy and Dan Palladino are not coming back to Gilmore next season - and that their replacement is an Executive Producer who has been with them for quite some time... but what we don't know is why all of this is happening!

Michael Ausillio over at has been on the story since its early rumblings - he has an exclusive interview with Amy and Dan that is nothing short of astounding. You get a real sense of their passion for the show and everyone involved... and also, of the sad fact that they are not going to be a part of the 7th season! Amy in particular makes several "jokes" about spending the next year on drugs or drunk.

Please take a moment and read the interview - it is really interesting.

Palladino Interview

I get back tomorrow - I am completely worn out... but Vegas has treated me well. I have not had time to read anything on the blog (I see a Kern post - is that it?) but look forward to it.


btw - the article makes me want to fetal position up and cry for hours.


FlopTheNuts said...

" ... makes me want to fetal position up and cry for hours."

Funny, the picture has the same effect on me!

Giggidy-giggidy, OH!

krysta jo said...

Don't cry - you are the PAR-TAY city. Have an overpriced drink for me.

Kern said...

Yeah, I read that interview last night. I have to say to spoiler conscious folks to be careful if you've not read it already as there is a MAJOR SPOILER in the midst of it.

Great interview though.

Fino-Hope you had fun in Lost Wages. Any thoughts on my spanking new Sheriff T-Shirt?