Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I just discovered an amazing blog by N.Y. Press and Newark Star-Ledger critic Matt Zoller Seitz. It is a really well written and insightful commentary on the episode (as well as other eps of Sopranos and Deadwood!).

Here is a link to it check it out!


Kern said...

Wow that was quite good. Nice find, Fino.

Damfino said...

If I had more time I would read on - he writes about Deadwood too!

Have not caught up with Belle lately - she writes some good stuff too!

Kern said...

Indeed. I really liked the little blurb she did yesterday. Did you read my blog today? I thought it was pretty good.

It wasn't JJ Peters, but it wasn't too bad.

Damfino said...

Holy crap - er wait - did not read your blog yet Kern... holy crap - that blog site is insane!!!

There is a ton of stuff to read - this guy has a really cool blog!!!

Kern said...

Yeah. He has a lot of links to some decent stuff.

Today's topic at Listen... is the AFA trying to boycott Ford. That's their answer for everything. Wildmon's an asshole.