Friday, February 03, 2006

Weekend plans


Actually, the weekend is shaping up to be pretty nice and calm and fun. First, we have the return of Drea after a week of fun in Utah. Hopefully the Sheriff will once again be one in mind and spirit.

Next, we have the big game.

I will be viewing at Larry and Rhonda Bohall's place (Rhonda is Dan's mother - we went on the cruise with them) - Lar is a massive Steelers fan, so it should be fun to watch the game with him.

I am going to cook up some yummy ribs and completely drink my @ss off! Hopefully the game does not disappoint. Also, there is supposed to be a bunch of Family Guy episodes right after the game - I think they are new!!!

Saturday we are working on our shower (picture is simply for reference, this is not our shower) - we have had tiles caving in for quite a while and earlier this week the soap holder tile fell off the wall and attacked Devin's foot. He moved with grace and composure and avoided an injury. Unfortunately we all have been afraid to enter the bathroom ever since.

We will be tearing out the tile Saturday morning and hating life the rest of the day.

Finally, tonight I am off to see Brokeback Mountain. After it was nominated earlier this week, I decided I had to see it. I will report about the film later next week - make sure to let you girls know who is playing catcher... my money is on Ledger.

Weekend plans anyone?



Kern said...

I'll be continuing work on the other website(not my blog) and watching Broken Flowers and perhaps the commentary for the film Junebug of which Amy Adams was deservedly nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Wow.

Damfino said...

Did not see Junebug - heard about it too late.

Other website?

Kern said...

The one for all the merchandise and stuff.

It's not up yet, but it's to be called!

I like the design so far, I'm doing it all myself. And Mastrofski and my drummer friend up here are doing a weird collaboration via correspondence to do music for it!

Damfino said...

You're a weird one... Mr. Kern.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

The Kreitner Clan will be hunckered down at the homestead enjoying a family reunion after Buttercup's week away. Sunday watch the game, turn it on just before kick-off.

Go team!


Kern said...

Weird how?

The website? Or is it the fact I didn't not mention the Spectcular Bowl, or the Splendid Bowl or whatever it is you folks call that big football game...?

Kern said...

I meant Didn't mention. Ignore that double negative.