Thursday, February 02, 2006

They won?

In recent years, I have come to feel that I am truly bad luck for any sports team. Just ask Dan, he has seen his solid teams crumble when they were supposed to win - all because I was watching.

With this in mind, I have attempted to step away from most games, hoping a win is had without me.

But last night we had a guest over (Cara) who wanted to watch the Hawks take on Purdue - and watch we did.

The first half was a tough show - Iowa was down by 8-11 the entire time. I felt the evil presence of Jed's back luck infecting our Iowa team. I mean, they were losing to the lowest rated team in the Big Ten!!!

But the second half came and Horner stepped up things. He ended up with 32 points, including 7 three pointers!!!

Mike Henderson also did a helluva job in getting Iowa moving again. He had three major steals and tapped in 17 points for the night.

By the end of the game - Iowa had things well in hand and took the win with a 77-68 score. Iowa had won and I had watched the whole game.

This means it may not be my fault when they lose! This means I can start watching games again and not feel horrible!! This means I can drink profusely throughout the week with a solid excuse!!!



p.s. Devin was a warrior and suffered through the entire game - and never bitched once. Bravo!


Kern said...

Interesting. I never really follow college basketball until the final four, but I was suprisingly into it last year. I watched hour after hour of games, prompting people to think I had been switched with a pod person.

It is great to feel like you're no longer a curse to people. So I hear.

Damfino said...

Still cursing people... just in the more voodooish sense.

BTW - how does your spine feel...


Kern said...

Yr into some kinky shit, my man.

A little lower...a little lower, a little lower, not that low!


/completely disgusted with myself

Anonymous said...

a guest?

FlopTheNuts said...

Hey, the Hawks did beat Illinois and Ohio State, so a higher power may be canceling out your "Jedness".

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

A guest? what? me! you chinese finger f*ckers.

Which one of the 3 homosapiens in the batch pad won the "I can't believe that I got a date lottery"

need the info.


Damfino said...

But I am sure my Jedness is infecting some other area... anyone suffering from erectile disfunction?

If so, I am sure it is my fault.

Damfino said...

What are you talking about Sheriff - Cara - the girl I went out with last weekend.

Drea better get back soon - you are losing your skull.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Ohhh Cara, the girl you never introduced to the Blog you tard bean.

The Blog needs to know.

"Long live the flesh"


Damfino said...

I just howled in the office!! Long live the flesh!!!

That was good Sheriff.

Now the bad - everyone knows about the Cara thing, I just did not think this was a forum to discuss (and it ain't).

Now go self flogg... yourself... a few times.

And get your damn hand out of your stomach-vagina!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

But i like my stomach-vag.

Ahh Vag, the Cabana boy who ended up in all of our vacation pictures.


FlopTheNuts said...

Oh, please do discuss "the Cara thing"! :) J/K - Sheriff informed me a bit about Cara yesterday in our phone convo. Sounds good, 'Fino!

Kern said...

I have heard nothing of this Cara.

I...I feel so emotionally isolated from my friends back East...I'm so cold...